Altai State University and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of Altai Krai conclude a cooperation agreement

30 December 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On Thursday, December 26, a meeting of the working group on the implementation of the regional project "Personnel for the Digital Economy" of the project office of the Ministry of Communications of Altai Krai was held at Altai State University.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Digital Development and Communications of Altai Krai Evgeny A. Zryumov and the Rector of Altai State University Sergey N. Bocharov. The meeting was also attended by the Head of Altai Krai Department for Labor and Employment Nadezhda A. Kapura, Deputy Head of the Administration Department of the Governor and Government of Altai Krai for Civil Service and Human Resources Sergey N. Dolguy, Director of 1C-Galeks Company Elena V. Akulova, Director General of Enterra Soft Company Dmitry M. Starostenkov, representatives of Barnaul universities and specialized government departments of Altai Krai.

Opening the meeting of the working group E.A. Zryumov noted:

“Now much attention is paid to digital competencies, which every specialist with a wide profile should have. In any profession they must apply digital competencies, whether they are builders, power engineers, lawyers or economists. The activities of government, administration, and the social sphere cannot be imagined without digital competencies, i.e. without resorting to information systems, information services, digital interaction. If professional personnel are deprived of such competencies, then we will not fulfill the tasks facing the country. Comprehensive training for the economy of Altai Krai is a priority task for us. I thank Altai State University for leading this work and I invite all our academic community to participate, without which it is impossible to effectively solve this problem."

The Minister drew attention to the fact that now there are many funded programs and grants supporting activities for the development of digital competencies, and educational institutions in the region, not only universities, but also colleges, should actively participate in this activity.

An important point in the meeting of the working group was the signing of a cooperation agreement between Altai State University and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of Altai Krai. The parties agreed on joint training and retraining of personnel with higher, secondary professional and postgraduate education in accordance with modern requirements for specialists in the framework of the implementation of the federal project "Personnel for the Digital Economy", on the participation of ministry employees in the educational process, the work of state certification and examination commissions on the promotion of the dissemination of information on mutual research, new developments, publications other materials. In addition, the agreement provides for the development of educational programs aimed at obtaining students the competencies of the digital economy, the participation of ASU and ministry employees in the social and professional accreditation of educational programs.

Rector of ASU S.N. Bocharov commented on the process of signing the agreement:

“National projects are at the first stage of implementation and pose many very important tasks for us, which we must all jointly implement. ASU is faced with the task of developing a digital university, projects are being implemented in the country that are directly related to the digital platform, such as applying to the university online, projects related to the introduction of a digital passport for the population and others. I thank the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of Altai Krai for the offer of cooperation. We are ready for serious joint work and implementation of major projects!”

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