Scientist of Altai State University completed an internship at the Institute of Cytology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg

22 October 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
Natalya Semenikhina, a senior researcher at the Research Institute of Biological Medicine of Altai State University, has completed an internship at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.

The internship in the direction of Cellular Technologies in Regenerative Medicine was organized within the framework of the Academic Mobility grant program. It is worth noting, that the Research Institute of Biomedicine of Altai State University has been conducting research in the field of regenerative medicine since its creation. Currently, this area is one of the most relevant in modern biomedicine. Within its framework, scientists study the possibilities of using patient cells to restore the lost functions of organs and tissues.

“The Research Institute team has already formed a certain scientific groundwork in the field of cell technologies. We long planned to exchange our experience with our colleagues from other laboratories in the country. So, having learned about the intra-university grant, I decided to take part in the competition and I went for an internship at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg”, Natalya said.

During the internship, Natalya was engaged in the isolation of living cells from human skin samples and their methods of cultivation in isolated conditions. After obtaining the required volume of cells, in particular fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), they - cell by cell - are placed in a matrix (cellular structure) based on collagen gel and used to treat burns. The tactics of their treatment depends on the depth and area of the skin lesion. For mild burns, for example, it is not recommended to use special products such as ointments and oils. It is enough to cool the burned area for healing. And otherwise, severe burns pose a high threat to life and require compulsory medical intervention.

The resulting dermal equivalent promotes the speedy epithelialization of the damaged skin area due to the multiplication of transplanted fibroblasts. With the help of this development, it was possible to achieve complete restoration of the skin in a patient with burns of 80% of the body area.

Natalia hopes to apply the knowledge gained during the internship in new research of the institute. Students of the Faculties of Biology and Chemistry are actively involved in the research work of the Research Institute of Biomedicine, some even work already as laboratory assistants. They, together with the employees of the Research Institute, conduct experiments, prepare scientific publications and reports to speak at various conferences. So, the team of the Research Institute of Biological Medicine always welcomes young people interested in research work in the field of biomedicine.

Natalia herself has been working at the Institute for over three years. Her main specialty is veterinary medicine, she is Candidate of Veterinary Sciences.

“In order to conduct research in the field of biomedicine, one needs to have a wide range of competencies, so the staff of the Institute includes specialists in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine, biology and chemistry. In particular, knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine is necessary when working with laboratory animals, they are one of the main objects in biomedical research”, explains the scientist of Altai State University.

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