IA Interfax: Director of the Institute of Geography of Altai State University headed the foundation for the creation of a paleo park in Altai

28 February 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
Federal news agency Interfax has reported that  Kurort Belokurikha, AO registered "The Public Foundation for the Development of the Denisova Cave Archaeological Complex."

According to the SPARK-Interfax system, Alexander Dunets, Director of the Institute of Geography of Altai State University, has been approved for the position of the Foundation's executive director.

The Belokurikha Resort company told Interfax that the new organization will implement a project to create a paleo park near the natural and archaeological site of Denisova Cave in Soloneshensky District of Altai Krai. The foundation will support projects for the development of educational tourism, as well as provide grants to scientists for this purpose.

"The public foundation of the same name accumulates and distributes funds, the first meeting of which will take place on February 26," the representative of the joint-stock company said.

Denisova Cave is located in the valley of the Anuy river and is a popular place among tourists coming to Altai. In 2008, a fossilized phalanx of a girl's finger was discovered in the cave. Scientists identified that this is a previously unknown subspecies of ancient people, which was named "Denisovans".

Paleogenetic studies have shown that the modern inhabitants of Melanesia, Papua New Guinea and the aborigines of Australia retained about 6% of the Denisovan genes.

Resort Belokurikha is the main resort association in the resort town of Belokurikha. It includes Belokurikha, Siberia, and Katun resorts, a resort clinic, the Water World health center, restaurants, cafes, etc. The company is also an anchor investor in the large tourism project Belokurikha Gornaya (formerly Belokurikha -2).

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