Altai State University entered the TOP-50 of the best Russian universities in natural and mathematical sciences according to the RAEX ranking

17 April 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
The RAEX ranking agency (RAEKS-Analytica) has compiled university rankings in natural and mathematical, and engineering and technical areas.

The project was supported by the Russian Union of Rectors. 209 Russian universities were included in the short-list of the ranking. Three factors influenced the position of universities - the demand for graduates in the labor market, the quality of education and scientific results.

The flagship Altai State University took 44th place in the ranking of the best universities in Russia in natural and mathematical sciences.

AltSU confidently occupies  5th line among the universities of the Siberian Federal District, giving the way only to the universities of the project of increasing international competitiveness "5-100": NRU NSU, NRU TSU, NRU TPU and SFU.
This ranking evaluates such areas as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and fundamental earth sciences.

The university's position in the ranking was achieved, among other things, due to the high publication activity and citation of scientists from the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology and the South Siberian Botanical Garden of Altai State University, the implementation of international programs and a high proportion of foreign students at the Institute of Geography, the results of research by scientists from the Institute of Digital Technologies, Electronics and Physics of Primary Cosmic Radiation of High and Ultrahigh Energies in the framework of the international collaboration TAIGA, as well as the high patent activity of scientists of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical-Pharmaceutical Technologies.

In addition, with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in March 2020, the Laboratory of Mathematical and Computer Modeling in Natural and Industrial Systems was established at the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies in conjunction with Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS, Novosibirsk (scientific advisers - S. Sazhenkov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, A. Papin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences). The work of the laboratory is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the state task at the expense of subsidies, the amount of funding in 2020-2023 will amount to more than 60 million rubles. The aim of the project is, among other things, to organize a multifaceted process of training and retraining of highly qualified specialists in the field of mathematics and mechanics; creation of an innovative system of science, technology and professional education of a modern level in the field of both fundamental and applied research aimed at solving the most important problems of the region.

Altai State University occupies 67th position in the ranking of the best Russian universities in the engineering and technical sphere. This ranking evaluates, among other things, such IT areas as applied informatics and information security.

Altai State University participates in the formation of national and regional IT policy, the implementation of national projects in Altai Krai, including the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”. The university is part of the project office of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of Altai Krai for the implementation of regional projects for the digital development of the economy. The working group for the implementation of the regional project “Human Resources for the Digital Economy” is headed by Rector of Altai State University Sergey Bocharov. In 2020, AltSU hosted the opening of the NTI Regional Competence Center in the direction of "Technologies for storing and analyzing big data".

In 2020, the faculty of Altai State University have done serious work on the creation and placement of e-courses on external educational platforms Stepik, STsOS RF, University 20.35. AltSU took an active part in the implementation of the program of personal digital certificates within the framework of the federal project "Human Resources for the Digital Economy". 2133 citizens of the Russian Federation from 48 constituent entities of the Federation were trained in 16 programs of AltSU. According to the results of Altai State University, it took the 2nd place in Russia in terms of the number of citizens trained under the personal digital certificate program.

The RAEX ranking of Russian universities has successfully passed the international audit by IREG Observatory, the largest association of compilers and consumers of educational rankings.

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