Altai State University strengthens cooperation with educational organizations of Altai Krai

23 April 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
A meeting on vocational guidance for schoolchildren was held at Altai State University with the participation of Rector of Altai State University Sergei Bocharov and heads of 23 educational organizations of Altai Krai.

The meeting with the goal to discuss the interaction of the region's flagship university with general educational organizations in the field of professional self-determination of schoolchildren and the conclusion of cooperation agreements, was attended by directors and deputy directors of schools in Barnaul, Novoaltaisk, Zarinsk, Altai, Kulundinsky, Pavlovsky, Talmensky districts, and regional educational institutions.

According to the decision of the final board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Altai Krai "Educational policy as the basis for human development in Altai Krai", among the priority tasks for 2021 is the creation of centers focusing on natural science and technology on the basis of educational organizations in the municipalities of the territory, as well as the creation in the region of the Altai branch of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, uniting the activities of academic institutions, higher educational institutions, as well as science-intensive industrial enterprises. From the perspective of the above tasks, the issue of interaction between general educational organizations and universities guiding schoolchildren to receive higher education in those areas of training that is especially in demand in science-intensive areas of industry seems to be of special importance. Altai State University provides a wide range of such areas, including natural science and technology.

The University successfully responds to the challenges of the time and is ready to offer schools a variety of forms of interaction that take into account the needs of modern schoolchildren and the parental and pedagogical community. As part of the event, the heads of educational organizations were invited to discuss the most promising forms of joint work, make suggestions and wishes regarding both joint activities in the 2021-2022 academic year and a more distant future.

At the meeting, Rector of Altai State University Sergei Bocharov spoke about the present and future of the flagship university in the region, highlighted the development of the scientific and innovative complex of the university and noted that in 2020-2021 according to international and national rankigs, Altai State University is firmly entrenched in the TOP-25 of the most dynamically developing universities in Russia.

Vice-rector for Extracurricular Activities and Additional Education Tatyana Rayskikh spoke about the potential of Altai State University in the development of the human resources of modern schools.

Acting Director of the Institute of Humanities of Altai State University Larisa Nekhvyadovich presented the Master's program "School of Directors: Management Teams in Education", which sets the task of preparing new leaders and management teams for the education sector of Altai Krai.

Veronika Klochko, Head of the Department for Recruiting Applicants of Altai State University, spoke about the system of work of the university with educational organizations, and new and traditional forms of joint activities.

Also, participants got acquainted with the center of additional education for children “House of Scientific Collaboration named after V.I. Vereshchagin ”and the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center.

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