The finalists of the contest "Miss AltSU - 2021" have become known

21 April 2021 Department of Educational and Extracurricular Work

On April 16, the casting for the Beauty, Intelligence, and Talent contest "Miss AltSU - 2021" was held. For the first time in the history of Altai State University, candidates for the title could be not only the winners of the institute stage but all wishing girls. Participation conditions were 18 years of age and older and being a full-time student. The topic of the competition is the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

The organizers claim that in 2021 the event will reach a higher quality level both in the preparation of the show and in the selection of winners in different nominations. Ksenia Kopylova, organizer of "Miss AltSU - 2021", spoke about the format of the competition and the innovations in its holding:

“This year the competition has acquired a new format: the participants were not chosen at the institutes, they went through a general casting. After being selected for the final, the girls will have 6 weeks of intensive preparation - rehearsals of a runway walk, creative performances, several versatile photo shootings, master classes, and trainings.

This is all in order for the participants to reveal themselves as much as possible and show themselves from different sides. Well, we will see the result at the final show!"

At the casting, the girls were asked to learn several dance routines and a runway walk from Ekaterina Ilyushnikova, the owner of the title "Miss Altai Students". Also, the candidates had to briefly tell about themselves, answering the questions of the jury, which included the organizers of the competition, as well as the invited expert Alexandra Erokhina, a model of the International Modeling Agency FIGARO, a graduate of the Faculty of History of Altai State University. The jury members evaluated how the girls behave on stage, speak, and present themselves.

The participant of the competition Ekaterina Abramova shared her impressions of the casting and the initial stage of the competition:

“Before the casting, there was almost no excitement, which cannot be said about the casting itself. But everything went very quickly, all that was left was to wait for the results and hear your name on the list. I expect unforgettable impressions and emotions from the competition, because, most likely, this is one of the most exciting events in a student life!"

Another contestant, Alena Egorova, spoke about her expectations from "Miss AltSU - 2021":

“I expect to get the brightest emotions from this competition. After all, beauty contests are always so exciting and magical. The bustle of preparation, rehearsals, communication with new people, the atmosphere of competition and at the same time unity among the participants ... and, of course, the triumph of the victory!"

More than 30 beautiful and very different girls came to the casting, but the jury had to choose only 9 of the brightest and most worthy:

Maria Dmitrieva, 1st year student, direction "Media Communication"

Anna Smirnova, 3rd year student, direction "Economics"

Maria Popova, 1st year student, direction "Journalism"

Maria Nekhvyadovich, 1 course, direction "Art of Costume and Textiles"

Anastasia Gusarenko, 2nd year student, direction "Land Management and Cadastres"

Alena Egorova, 2nd year student, direction "Jurisprudence"

Sofia Rogova, 2nd year student, direction "Jurisprudence"

Ekaterina Abramova, 2nd year student, direction "Foreign Regional Studies"

Alena Uporova, 1 course, direction "Art of Costume and Textiles"

During the month, numerous competition stages will take place, and in the final show, the girls will compete for the title of Miss Altai State University - 2021. Follow the news of the competition in the group of the ASU Students League.

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