Service unit “Crystall” – participant in the competition of social projects on labour protection and promotion of a healthy lifestyle

29 December 2020 Rubtsovsk Institute

In December, servicemen from Cristall service unit took part in a competition for social projects to protect health and promote a healthy lifestyle. To participate in the competition, an intellectual and cognitive quize "PRO HLS" was developed.

The PRO HLS project was carried out with the aim of increasing the knowledge of young people about the danger of alcohol and drug addiction and tobacco smoking. Residents of Rubtsovsk were asked questions on the topic of a healthy lifestyle, and were presented with commemorative symbols and recommendations for maintaining health.

The work was carried out with the grant support from the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of the city of Rubtsovsk and Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University.

Take care of your health, because this is the most important thing!

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