A transgender headed the division of one of the parties in Altai Krai

9 November 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications

Julia is the new name of Roman.

The regional branch of the Civic Initiative party in Altai Krai is now headed by Yulia Aleshina, a graduate of Altai State University, who is now a transgender woman. Before the official gender reassignment, Julia's name was Roman, according to MK.

Julia told reporters that she had thought about changing sex as a teenager, and finally realized everything after she saw a TV program in which transgender people were shown.

A separate topic for the conversation was how Julia delivered the news about her gender identity to her mother.

"I started from afar, trying to sound out the situation. There were several conversations. We went through all the stages: shock, misunderstanding, denial, and further - acceptance. Most of my friends also reacted normally. Although they are mostly heterosexual people. I was surprised, but many accepted my choice and continued to communicate with me," said the politician.

Julia noted that the legal issue of gender reassignment was one of the main problems but after studying the topic and passing the commission, she managed to achieve her goal.

Speaking about her political activities, Yulia shared her thoughts on the party she represents, and also added that she was not going to exploit the transgender image.

"I was born and raised in Barnaul. This is my hometown. Therefore, I want Barnaul to become a progressive and developed city, and I want people to enjoy a high standard of living," she said.

Hatred and negativity do not frighten the girl.

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