ASU will regularly hold competitions for students with disabilities

20 May 2022 Newspaper "Za Nauku!"

On May 13, the Department of Physical Education, headed by Elena Romanova, Altai State University, held a master class on board games for students of AFC and a special medical group. The master class was conducted by Head of the Regional Center for Inclusive Education of Transbaikal State University Sergey Kokhan.

In total, five games were presented at the master class: Matryoshka Standard, Jakkolo, Shuffleboard, Elastic Standard, and Culboto. All of them are licensed to participate in Russian and international competitions, but at the moment only Transbaikal State University practices them. It is with the students of Transbaikal State University that our students will have to compete in the future.

The invited children with disabilities studied each game with interest, tried to master its mechanics and quickly learned the rules. The participants were especially fascinated by the mobile Elastic standard. Rubber bands are stretched along two sides of the board, each player has a set of wooden discs, and in the middle of the board there is a partition with a small round hole. With the help of rubber bands, players should simultaneously try to drive all their discs into the hole faster than the opponent. On paper it is quite simple, but in reality it was not walk in the park!

It is noteworthy that all games are suitable for participants with any health conditions. Moreover, the game becomes not only entertaining, but also developing. All games are aimed at fine motor skills, mindfulness, nutrition of the fundus due to the active work of eyes. In addition, the game is very team-building. Children with disabilities, any student and teacher of the university is able to master each of the games. This sets the stage for future communications and spending time together.

We have already purchased other games. In the near future we will move on to their development. The main desire of our department is to arouse interest among students and create an environment for them where they can have fun and make good use of the time,” says Tatyana Peregudova, a lecturer of the Department of Humanities.

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