AltSU journal Acta biologica sibirica received the second quartile according to SCIMAGO

19 May 2022 Department of Information and Media Communication

In early May, when reviewing journal ratings according to SCIMAGO, the journal Acta biologica sibirica was assigned the second quartile for the headings "Animal Science and Zoology", "Insect Science", "Ecology", "Nature and Landscapes Conservation" and "Plant Science".

The journal editors, professors Alexander Matsyura and Roman Yakovlev comment on their success.

“After six years of hard work on the publication of the journal, while on an expedition in Uzbekistan, I learned about the entry of the journal into SCIMAGO and with such a result right away. To say that I am glad is an understatement. Careful selection of content, publication of major works, open access, cooperation with strong researchers - all this has borne fruit and once again showed that the study of the fragile biological diversity of our planet is an extremely important and urgent task,” said professor of the Department of Ecology, Biochemistry and biotechnology Roman Yakovlev.

Head of the Department of Zoology and Physiology Alexander Matsyura also commented on the result:

“Very important is the enthusiasm and efficiency of our editorial staff, the ability to find the most modern approaches in the publication of an electronic journal. But the most important thing is that we publish only original data, avoid works of an abstract nature, and try to filter out weak manuscripts. And, of course, in no case do we turn the journal into a “home” publication. By the way, the editors-in-chief themselves have published here only three times over the past two years. We prefer to make the journal a broad platform for biodiversity professionals from the widest possible range of regions and institutions around the world.”

It is worth noting that the journal Acta biologica sibirica is included in the core of the RSCI, occupying the 22nd position out of 205 journals on the subject of "Biology" and the 315th position out of 4399 journals according to the overall Science Index ranking.

The SCImago research group is engaged in the analytics of scientific and technical information, using information from the international citation index Scopus. The group developed SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), an indicator of the influence of scientific journals, which is calculated based on the number of citations of articles in a given journal, as well as the importance of journals citing publications. The SJR indicator is a free alternative to the well-known impact factor and uses a similar calculation formula.

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