Look at the world through the eyes of a biologist: an exhibition of unique photographic works opened at Altai State University

16 January 2024 Department of Information and Media Communication

On January 16, an exhibition of photographic works by participants in the ninth international competition “The World through the Eyes of a Biologist” was opened at the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Altai State University.

The ceremony started with the welcoming speech by the author, initiator, ideological inspirer of the competition, professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Marina Silantieva.

“Professional photography is very important for a biologist. There is such a concept as visual erudition. When a biologist pays attention to details and diagnostic features, he begins to better understand the object. Photos through the eyes of a biologist are not just beautiful landscapes. Looking at these pictures, we can say: “It is this or that type of vegetation,” or “Here is the border of the forest, formed by these or those species.” If they photograph animals, they always capture some emotion, action, or unusual element from the animal’s life. This is a biologist's view. Our “biological photographs” always bring a certain light that allows us to rise above the bustle of life. For example, a photo posted on the calendar in our newspaper “For Science”. It shows an ordinary starling. All biologists know that his feathers have different shadows. And you try to find the moment when all these shadows will be visible! The author of the photo is a great fellow. I would like to encourage everyone to take photos, at least цшер their phones. Look for something that will surprise you – that means it will surprise those around you too!”

This year, 420 photos from 86 participants were submitted to the competition. The jury considered photographs in five categories: “Animals”, “Landscape”, “Microworld”, “Plants”, “Man and Nature”. In each of them, the work of adult scientists, experienced photographers, and photographs of students and schoolchildren were evaluated separately. The photographs, which were not included in the prize list, but were highly appreciated by the jury, took their places at the exhibition, which became an integral decoration of the second floor of building L of Altai State University.

“It’s a frosty day, and thanks to our exhibition, we can plunge into summer. We can admire the wonderful nature, birds, animals. I hope that most of the guests present today will also take part in this exhibition in the future. This year I took part in it for the first time, the photo was taken on a phone, nothing special! I will add that I did not use my official position, the photographs are evaluated blindly – the jury members do not know the names of the authors,” said Sergei Smirnov, Director of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Altai State University, who took second place in the “Plants” category with the photograph “Petasites amplus”.

Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Additional Education, Candidate of Biological Sciences, popularizer of biology Tatyana Antonenko welcomed the guests of the celebration.

“Look how cool it is – you walk along the halls, and you understand how aesthetic and amazing it is to look at the world through the eyes of a biologist. It would be good if this tradition, founded nine years ago, continues. And not only at the Institute of Biology, but also scaled up to other buildings. Already this year, new spaces for students will open in Building C of Altai State University, and it will be good if we breathe life into them by decorating the walls with photographic works from past years of this exhibition!”

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