Scientists of the flagship Altai State University started developing the growth strategy for Belokurikha-2

9 July 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
On July 2, took place a working meeting of the project office team of Altai State University, consisting of President Sergey Zemlyukov, Director of the Institute of Geography Alexander Dunets and Director of International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems Stepan Mezhov with the authorities of Resort Belokurikha headed by the chairman of the board of directors Alexander Bernhardt.

The parties agreed that Altai State University will develop a strategy for a large-scale project for a new resort under construction Belokurikha-2.

“Scientists from the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Altai State University have already created a project for a natural park "Altai Foothills". The Institute of Geography actively interacted to develop new tourist routes. We interact with the resorts in Belokurikha to develop new health procedures. This topic is being developed within the framework of our strategic project "Biopharma" under the leadership of Alexey Ebel. Today, more than ever, national resorts and tourist sites are in demand. Undoubtedly, the Big Belokurikha project is attractive, and should be further developed", President Sergey Zemlyukov commented on the promising areas of work of Altai State University with Resort Belokurikha.

It should be noted that there is a demand for the natural healing and restorative potential of Altai Krai. Nature is unique there. At the same time, natural ensembles provide an opportunity for both mass and individual recreation. The fauna is incredibly rich, its preservation in natural parks and reserves is impressive. The third aspect is the historical and archaeological heritage of these territories. The world famous Denisova Cave is located here. This archaeological site of world importance attracts tourists from all over the planet.

Today the Belokurikha-2 project is actively developing. An asphalt high-tech serpentine road has already been built to the future resort, a power grid complex has been erected, and water supply is being completed. On the territory of Belokurikha-2 a ski and biathlon complex has already been built, one ski complex Mishina Gora (Bear's Mountain in Russian) is operating, the second - Gora Glukharinaya (Wood Grouse's Mountain in Russian) is under preparation. A museum complex with many interesting art objects has opened. Tourist routes have opened, and the opening of the first hotel is planned in the near future. The estimated total investment will amount to 10 billion rubles.

Scientists of Altai State University proposed to separately consider the topic of creating new tourist destinations that will be able to link together the tourist facilities of the large-scale resort and recreation complex Belokurikha-2. In this regard, the meeting discussed issues of cooperation among different regions and settlements, which can have a mutual effect for the development of both Belokurikha-2 and these regions themselves. The new agglomeration of Big Belokurikha should not facilitate the outflow of the population to large centers, but should stimulate the development of these territories. Scientists of Altai State University undertake to find the zest of each territory and substantiate its vector of strategic development.

Admittedly, the meeting showed that Altai Krai has a huge potential for its development, going far beyond regional significance, and Altai State University has specialists who can form an appropriate opinion on the strategic development of the region.

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