Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe. Resilient and sustainable


  • By 2030, ensure access for all to adequate, safe, and affordable training, office, and housing facilities in University campuses and dormitories.
  • By 2030, start to implement the management plan aimed at safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transport systems, invading bikes and electricity devices, with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations, women, children, persons with disabilities, and older persons.
  • By 2030, actively participate in reducing the environmental impact of cities with special attention to air quality and municipal and other waste management.
  • By 2030, organize and provide universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces in University campuses and dormitories, in particular for women and children, older persons, and persons with disabilities.
  • Support research in economic, social, and environmental links between urban, peri-urban, and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning.

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