Patriotism and service to the Motherland were discussed at the meeting of generations at AltSU

21 February 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
On February 19, an event entitled "There is such a profession ...", dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, took place at Altai State University.

The career guidance event, organized by the AltSU College in the format of a meeting of generations, was attended by veterans and active employees of the Directorate of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for Altai Krai, which acquainted students of AltSU and of the AltSU College, and educational institutions of Altai Krai with their work.

“The main goal of our meeting with schoolchildren and students is to answer questions of concern regarding the current situation in the country and in the world. Now it often happens that it is very difficult to determine whether this or that information is false, or true. The issues of patriotism remain relevant as well. Therefore, it was decided to organize such an event, where we can tell a little about our service, and answer openly to all the questions of concern," said Chairman of the public organization of veterans of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Altai Krai, Deputy Chairman of the Council (pensioners) of war, labor, the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies of the Central region of Barnaul, reserve colonel Alexei Sukhanov.

"How to join the FSB of Russia, and what opportunities it opens up for young people", "how to deal with fear", "what does it mean to work undercover", "what to do if you are discovered" - these and many others questions were asked by students of the AltSU College, schools of the city of Barnaul №52, №53, №55, №57, gymnasium №79, Kosikhinskaya, Rebrikhinskaya and Zmeinogorskaya secondary schools, as well as the Law Institute of AltSU.

The meeting was opened by Ekaterina, an employee of the personnel department of the Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia in Altai Krai. She spoke about selection of candidates for study and further service in the FSB, how to enter the service after receiving secondary vocational education and graduating from a university, and the requirements for applicants.

Member of the public organization of veterans of the Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Altai Krai, reserve colonel Sergei Pyatunin spoke about his service in Germany and dwelled on the specifics of working abroad.

“I was particularly impressed by the openness and trust of the dialogue, the willingness of our guests to answer any, even the most “tough” questions, especially since the link to join the broadcast, and the meeting, which  was organized in an online format, was in the public domain, so anyone could ask the representatives of the FSB of Russia a question. But at our meeting there were not only reserve employees, but also acting representatives of the Service. I, as a representative of the party organizing the meeting, want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who took part in it and asked questions. It turned out to be an interesting, constructive and useful conversation,” noted Inna Tusheva, teacher of the Humanities Department of the AltSU College.

“It was very useful for me to talk with Ekaterina. From the conversation, I realized that in this profession, self-sacrifice is the norm. You have to give up a lot. I learned that the service for Ekaterina is a childhood dream, which has become her life's work. Now she has become for me an example of dedication in the profession and loyalty to her work,” emphasized Alina Visner, a student of the AltSU College.

“This meeting of generations has become a unique opportunity for schoolchildren and students to hear firsthand what is usually not spoken about publicly. I think the guys realized that serving the Motherland is almost always selflessness and dedication. Future law enforcement officers must be prepared for this. For my part, I want to congratulate all those involved in serving the Motherland on the upcoming Defender of the Fatherland Day!" summed up teacher of the Humanities Department of the AltSU College Anton Pinchuk.

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