Prombiotech of AltSU is included in the collection of best practices of university engineering centers of the country

25 February 2022 Prombiotech

The engineering Center "Prombiotech" of Altai State University, among the best engineering centers in the country, was included in the collection of the project "Engineering Design Innovation" of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia.

The presentation of the "Prombiotech" center of the classical university is included in the information catalogue "Life Sciences", which was prepared by the Ministry. The publication aims to popularize engineering activities and industrial design among potential customers and a wide audience.

In the preface to the collection, Director of the Department of State Policy in the Sphere of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science Tatyana Ryabko notes:

– Scientific and educational organizations in Russia are active participants in the processes of innovative development of the domestic economy, interacting with industrial enterprises both within the framework of innovative development programs for corporations and within a number of other systemic projects. An important project in this direction has been the joint program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, implemented since 2013, to create and develop engineering centers on the basis of Russian universities and scientific organizations. To date, a wide network of 80 engineering centers has been formed in 39 constituent entities of the Russian Federation in all federal districts. During the implementation of the program, engineering centers have shown their demand, their total revenue exceeded 33 billion rubles, about 76% of services in the amount of 25 billion rubles were provided to companies in the real sector of the economy. Every year about 2000 organizations of the real sector become customers of engineering services.

The engineering center "Prombiotech" was created on the basis of Altai State University in 2015 with the participation of leading scientific organizations and innovative companies within the framework of the subprogram "Development of engineering and industrial design" of the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness."

“Prombiotech” provides engineering services at various stages of innovative projects in the field of development, determination of effectiveness and implementation of biological products for the agro-industrial complex.

The scientific and technological structure of the center consists of two divisions: microbiological and industrial.

The microbiological division deals with a collection of microorganisms, it isolates and studies strains with technologically valuable properties. The division also carries out accompanying production work.

The second part is the production complex used for scaling up scientific developments and industrial cultivation.

The Center actively conducts its own scientific research in the field of plant protection, develops probiotics for aquaculture and livestock, obtains new promising strains, develops methods for isolating valuable microorganisms, etc.,  works out the modes of cultivation of strains in fermentation units, etc. Currently, employees are actively studying the impact of their innovative drugs on the characteristics of valuable agricultural crops: rapeseed, oats, buckwheat and sunflower.

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