Scientists from Altai State University together with the Altai Geophysical Plant are developing software for mobile electrocardiographs

25 March 2022 Department of Information and Media Communication
The staff of the Department of Informatics of AltSU is involved in the development of software for a mobile electrocardiograph. This device was developed by the Altai Geophysical Plant. It has sensors that are attached to the human body and read the cardio signal. Data is transmitted to a smartphone through a mobile application based on the Android operating system.

Work on the creation of algorithms for analyzing the cardio signal and the development of software for mobile electrocardiographs is carried out within the framework of the project "Development of technologies and software products for the health protection of the population" under the Priority 2030 Program.
The project is led by Head of the Department of Informatics of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of  AltSU Denis Kozlov.

A mobile electrocardiograph is a monitoring device for home use, designed for a wide range of people. It will allow a person to independently conduct a study similar to taking an ECG in a medical facility.

Devices will have different capabilities, depending on the number of channels and varying from 1 to 12.

“For the Altai Geophysical Plant, we have already solved the problem of selecting the most optimal microcircuits and microcontrollers that could send the recorded signal to the smartphone. Our team of scientists participated in the development of an application for testing a ready-made cardiograph for compliance with the international standard IEC 60601-2-25:2011, i.e. the device is considered to be working correctly if it complies with the standard, and have also developed a technological and user application for a mobile cardiograph. Now we have been given another task - to analyze the recorded cardio signal. We need to "teach" software products to identify a number of relatively simple problems of the cardiovascular system, which are diagnosed by cardiologists based on the analysis of the cardio signal. This is a kind of monitoring of problems that lie on the surface, but a person may not pay attention to. And such a simple and not too expensive device can save lives,” says Denis Kozlov, project manager.

The developers note that the mobile electrocardiograph is not aimed at diagnosing; this should be done by doctors in medical institutions. The device is able to identify a problem and quickly take action. The mobile application provides the ability to send the received data via popular messengers to the server, from where the doctor can collect and analyze them.

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