Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies

Dean Evgeni V. Zhuravlev, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Assistant Professor
Dean's Office 656049, Russia, Barnaul, pr. Lenina 61, Room 406
Tel +7 (3852) 367-067, +7 (3852) 298-137

Mathematics is a universal, overarching science, which includes both classic specialities and new ones, such as information technologies. Everything modern and progressive is somehow connected to Mathematics. Mathematics involves creativity and inspiration. It opens wide prospect for development of people's talents and skills.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies was formed in 1974. The Faculty is a workplace of experienced specialists. There are about 60 lecturers, 2/3 of them have science degree.

The Institute of Mathematics and IT offers following programs

Postgraduate courses:

  • Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Systems.
  • Information Systems and Processes.
All educational programs are generally in Russian. To enroll in any educational program the applicant must have B1–B2 level of Russian or take 1 year course of Russian language at the Altai State University Preparatory Department.

The Faculty is top-ranked not only among ASU faculties, but also among other Siberian Universities. The gradual development of the Faculty pays off.

The Faculty is proud of the education quality. The emphasis here is put on theoretical background, which is quite difficult to study, but it is certainly a base for finding a good job. Faculty’s aim is to give students all basic material on the subjects, inspire them, awake their interest in studying.

All departments are using computing tools for work. The Faculty has 4 computer rooms. Computers and Internet are always available for students’ laboratory and academic work. There is 1 computer for 3–4 students of the Faculty.

Faculty Structure

  • Department of Mathematical Analysis;
  • Department of Difference Equations;
  • Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic;
  • Department of Informatics;
  • Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics;
  • Department of Foreign Languages for Faculties of Natural Sciences;
  • Scientific Research Laboratory under Department of Difference Equations and Department of Mathematical Analysis;
  • “Informational Technology” Scientific Research Laboratory;
  • “Optimization methods” Scientific Research Laboratory;
  • “Management of Real Processes and Manufacturing” Scientific Research Laboratory;
  • “Mathematical Modeling” Scientific Educational Center;
  • Scientific Research Laboratory of Mathematic Engineering in Heterogeneous Environment Mechanics in Cooperation with M.A. Lavrentiyev Institute of Hydrodynamics.

The main research areas of the Faculty

  • Diversity and quasi-diversity of groups;
  • Types of rings;
  • Problems of rational nature resources management in the region;
  • Information systems and technologies;
  • Computer telecommunication networks and systems;
  • Application of GIS in the problems of regional land use.
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