AltSU scientists presented functional foods at the All-Russian festival SCIENCE 0+

27 October 2022 Department of Information and Media Commuinication

The Research Institute of Biological Medicine of Altai State University presented functional products for restoring and maintaining health at the festival. This is the result of the project "Development, research and creation of functional products", included in the Priority 2030 Program.

Scientists from the Research Institute of Biomedicine have created a line of functional products "Intellect of Nature", aimed at improving and restoring the normal functioning of the body of people working in conditions of increased physical exertion, high environmental pollution, and unstable work daily rhythm, as well as people who have suffered various diseases.

Recently obtained industrial samples were presented to the guests and participants of the All-Russian festival SCIENCE 0+, the opening of which took place on October 25 in the concert hall "Siberia".

The product is capsules in plastic jars. These additives are based on biologically active plant materials growing in Altai Krai and Siberia: extracts of dandelion, lemon balm, motherwort, skullcap, leuzea, aralia, and other herbs.

The five products in the line aim to restore and regulate the daily rhythms of the body, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, removing radionuclides and heavy metals, restoring the body after illnesses and preventing colds.

The authors of the project plan to establish cooperation with representatives of the sanatorium complex of Altai Krai, where these drugs can be successfully used as an aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of patients. Also, functional products can be used by employees directly at their workplaces, during shifts and flights.

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