Scientific Research Institute of Biological Medicine

The Scientific Research Institute of Biological Medicine was founded in September 2014. It consists of 6 laboratories: pharmaceutical, experimental pharmacology, genetic and cell technologies, physicochemical, drug design, Russian-American Anticancer Center.

The mission of the Scientific Research Institute of Biological Medicine is the establishment of partnership between universities, academic scientific research institutions, healthcare organizations and production companies, in favor of development of innovative medical technologies of the Russian Federation in selected areas in view of global trends in biomedicine and pharmacology.

The main objectives of the Scientific Research Institute of Biological Medicine:

  1. Formation of modern scientific research and experimental designing framework for interdisciplinary basic and applied global research, innovative developments in the field of pharmaceuticals, biomedical cell products and medical devices.
  2. Strengthening the material-technical base of the University in order to achieve a level corresponding to modern requirements of scientific research and training of highly qualified specialists in the field of molecular biology, physics, chemistry, immunology, biotechnology and genetics.
  3. Ensuring interaction of fundamental science with the educational process at all stages, including the use of the results of joint research work in lecture courses, with practical training, externship.
  4. Qualitative improvement of teaching work by means of the creation of new curricula, teaching materials, textbooks, manuals, reading books, encyclopedias, including the modern electronic form, making full use of information technology.
  5. Development of interregional and international cooperation in the field of scientific research, development and educational activities of the University.
  6. Creating the conditions of interaction of the ASU with other universities, research centers, hospitals, industrial organizations dealing with development and improving the innovative capacity of biomedical sciences in the region.
  7. Popularization of scientific knowledge through scientific and practical conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions, the development and practical implementation of measures to motivate talented young people to building careers in the field of molecular biology, applied medicine, immunology, biotechnology and genetics.

The Institute’s three main research lines are:

  • Pre-clinical cancer detection
  • Human regeneration ability recovery
  • Prevention and treatment of chronic noncontagious diseases


Director: Ivan Vladimirovitch Smirnov
Address: 656049, Russia, Barnaul, pr. Lenina 61, Room 113
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