The journal of sociologists of Altai State University assigned category K2 in the list of peer-reviewed publications of the Higher Attestation Commission

16 January 2024 Institute of Humanities

The Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of Russia included the journal of sociologists of the Institute of Humanities of Altai State University Society and Security Insights in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications in categories K2.

This category was assigned to the journal for a period of 3 years in accordance with the recommendations of the Higher Attestation Commission No. 3-pl/1 of December 21, 2023.

Society and Security Insights is the official scientific publication of the Association of Asian Universities and a platform for communication among leading scientists on cross-border cooperation, publishing original articles on a wide range of areas of study of public security, in its various forms and manifestations, considered from the perspective of social sciences.

The editorial board of the journal, whose editor-in-chief is Svetlana Maksimova, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Social and Youth Policy at Altai State University, includes leading Russian and foreign scientists with extensive experience in research and publishing.

The first issues of Society and Security Insights were published in 2018 and to date, more than 20 of them have been published, amounting to more than 270 scientific articles. The journal is included in the TOP-80 in sociological sciences.

In June 2022, the journal was included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the scientific degree of Doctor of Science in three scientific specialties should be published (demography; social structure, social institutions and processes; sociology of culture).

With the active assistance of the office for the development of publication activities and increasing the academic reputation of Altai State University, serious work was carried out to promote the journal in the global information space; as a result, it was included in leading directories and repositories. A special event was the inclusion of the journal in 2020 in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS).

“Starting last year, the Higher Attestation Commission has been doing a lot of work to distribute scientific journals included in the list of Higher Attestation Commissions into categories that reflect their scientific significance, relevance and value in the scientific community, similar to what happens in the international scientometric databases – Scopus and Web of Science,” explains the journal’s editor-in-chief Svetlana Maksimova. “Russian experts adapted foreign experience and proposed dividing all journals into three groups – quartiles (K1, K2, K3), corresponding to quantitative and qualitative criteria. Categorization based on quantitative indicators was made based on the scientific citation indices of the publication and authors, the frequency of views of the publication's articles during the year. The qualitative indicators by which the status of the publication was assessed were the level of authoritativeness of the authors, the uniqueness and quality of their articles, the level of the reviewing organization and the founding organization. The fact that the journal has been assigned the K2 level indicates the high authority of the authors and the level of published publications, their “visibility” and demand among a readership of professionals familiar with the issues that the journal develops both in Russia and in the wider Eurasian context.”

The editors of the journal Society and Security Insights invite authors to further cooperation and accept for publication materials in the sections “Integration and security in the countries of the Asian region”, “State, civil society and stability”, “Social, cultural studies and security”, “Security and demographic issues of our time."

The journal accepts articles both in Russian and English.

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