Altai State University held public lectures as part of the Day of Russian Science

8 February 2024 Department of Information and Media Communication
Photo by Maria Dubovskaya, NRU

Scince the beginning of the week, Altai State University has been hosting events dedicated to the Day of Russian Science. This included open lectures accessible to everyone  – students, staff, and guests of the university.

On February 5, Anton Vasiliev, Doctor of Law, Head of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law,  delivered a lecture titled “On the Status of a Scientist.” The lecture addressed the social and legal statuses of scientists, emphasizing the importance of enhancing the prestige of scientists and engaging young people in research activities. The lecture also discussed measures to support young scientists, the need for Russia to establish a unified approach to defining the category of “young scientist” and developing measures to consolidate talented youth in the regions.

On the same day, Olga Mironenko, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Director of the Altai Center for Applied Biotechnology, spoke about the representation of biotechnological projects in the strategic projects of the University Development Program. Using the Altai Center for Applied Biotechnology projects as an example of, she analyzed the project structure, features of application for a competition, protection of an application, and report to the commission.

On February 6, Nikolai Seregin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Archeology, Ethnography and Museology, Head of the Laboratory of Ancient and Medieval Archaeology of Eurasia, delivered an open lecture on the topic “Archaeology of Altai Today: from Discoveries to Tourism.” In his lecture, he talked about the most important results of research by Altai State University archaeologists, which cover not only a huge chronological period (from the Eneolithic to the Middle Ages), but also a wide range of areas. The audience was most interested in the story about the discoveries of archaeological sites of the Great Migration Period and the Early Middle Ages, when Altai was included in key ethno-cultural processes important for studying the history of the entire Eurasia. Nikolai Seregin dwelled specifically on modern opportunities for the development of archaeological tourism – a new direction that is in high demand in the conditions of intensive development of tourist and recreational activities in Altai.

Events dedicated to the Day of Russian Science continue. Today, another scientific seminar is held dedicated to the cooperation of the university with the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It will be conducted by leading scientists from Altai State University – Dmitry Papin, Сandidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Barnaul Laboratory of Archeology and Ethnography of Southern Siberia of the Institute of Atomic Energy of the SB RAS and Altai State University; Alexander Shmakov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Director of the South Siberian Botanical Garden; Sergei Smirnov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Director of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology; Alexey Vaganov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, a leading researcher at the South Siberian Botanical Garden.

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