Why ASU?

Higher education in terms of globalization is a dynamic, quickly changing, developing process. Altai State University is a flexible institution, which can easily adapt to constantly updating educational systems.

ASU is a leader of fundamental classical education in Altai Region. It combines all the important traditions of high education. It is a scientific, educational and cultural center of Siberia that plays a remarkable role in Region’s life.

University’s singularity is in its comprehensiveness and diversity. ASU offers all kinds of academic programs: traditional natural science, humanities, engineering sciences and even arts.

One of the essential parts is a science work. The most upcoming and ambitious research is conducted in cooperation with the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences and partner companies.

Thousands of school graduates choose Altai State University every year and there are objective reasons for that.

  • Altai State University is a leader in higher education in Altai Region.

ASU is one of the leading Russian classic universities. In 2014 ASU was the only Altai university to be ranked among 150 top BRICS universities by QS and among 100 top universities of Commonwealth of Independent States by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In 2015 ASU was ranked 40th among 1531 Russian educational organizations by Webometrics and 5th among all Russian classical universities by Expert RA. ASU is an effective university that provides high-quality education and this is constantly confirmed by various rating agencies.

  • Altai State University is a center of international educational and intercultural exchange.

ASU positions as an international education center are becoming stronger every year. The University has more than 100 agreements with 70 foreign universities (mostly Asian). ASU is one of the SCO Universities. The number of international students has been annually growing by 50% for the last 3 years. The number of international lecturers, research, internships is increasing as well.

  • Altai State University guarantees the high quality of education.

It will certainly be a good base for the future carrier. Every year thousands of ASU students become graduates and highly qualified professionals.

  • Altai State University is a students’ science and research center.

Academic work is an essential part of any education process. Science festivals, symposiums, conferences, forums are held in ASU every year. Every student can take part in research, invent, conduct science experiments and exchange experience with others. ASU students are always winning the regional, national, even international competitions. They often go abroad for internships.

  • Altai State University is a center of students’ extracurricular life.

Campus life is very different in ASU. Students can show their talents in any field. They introduce innovative business projects on Business Incubator, travel with the Tourist Club, watch and discuss movies with the Intellectual Movie Club, read books and compose music with the Literature and Music Club “Heart Strings”, look for the interesting findings with the Archeological Club, admire natural beauty at Krasilovo Lake and South-Siberian Botanical Garden. Everyone finds something for themselves and nobody gets bored.

Print version Modified 27.06.2017