A scientist from Altai State University gave a public lecture on the development of constitutional thought in Russia

14 December 2023 Department of Information and Media Communication

On December 12, Altai scientific library named after V.Ya. Shishkov hosted a meeting of the history lovers club “Link of Times” with a lecture on the topic “Development of constitutional thought in Russia (dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation).”

The speaker was Alexander Skovorodnikov, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Department of Additional Professional Education of Altai State University. More than 60 students and teachers from the Institute of Law and the Institute of History and International Relations of Altai State University took part in the event.

He examined the history of the creation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, gave a description of the difficult historical conditions in which the Constitution was prepared, paid attention to the consideration of the legal nature of this most important normative legal act, as well as the history of its phased formation.

During the event, listeners learned about the main provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the procedure for introducing amendments (changes) to it, as well as the list of amendments that have been made to the fundamental law of the country from the date of its adoption.

At the end of the educational lecture, students asked the speaker questions: what positive experience of past years could be useful for the modern Constitution and how strong was the influence of the international community on the development of constitutionalism of the Soviet era.

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