AltSU develops services for precision farming

18 March 2022 Department of Information and Media Communication
The project "Monitoring and evaluation of elements of temperate and water balances as factors of sustainability of agrocenoses" is implemented with the support of the Priority 2030 Program. It is aimed at farmers in Altai Krai and is designed to help them use agricultural resources more rationally.

The project involves the development of a system of agroclimatic and agrochemical monitoring using remote sensing data, large-scale surveys using unmanned aerial vehicles, agroclimatic and agrochemical instrumental monitoring. An analysis of the data obtained will help to understand in which area a particular crop will grow well, and where it is not advisable to cultivate it even with the help of fertilizers. Based on the data obtained, farmers will be able to quickly make decisions on the introduction of resource-saving technologies.

“Since 2011, together with farms and partners, we have been dealing with the adaptation of farming technologies to local conditions. At the moment, when the market has changed a lot, prices for seeds and fertilizers have increased, this issue has become even more relevant. Our project is designed to help farmers use seeds and fertilizers most efficiently,” said Andrei Bondarovich, project author, Associate Professor at the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography of the Institute of Geography.

The project is designed for the long term. Now it is in the stage of collecting data, determining the test fields on which experiments will be carried out. The next stage is in the field. Scientists will work on expeditions directly on the ground.
There are 13 people in the team, these are Altai State University scientists, a graduate student from the Altai Agrarian University and the Institute of Water and Environmental Problems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The main partners are the farms of Altai Krai.

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