Equipment of the Centers of Collective Use

Center for Biological Medicine and Biotechnology

  • Electroencephalograph "Neuron-spectrum-4 / VMP"
  • Ultrasonic capnometer
  • Analyzer of noise and vibration "Assistant-SI"
  • DNA amplifier
  • Electrophoretic system "Expertion"
  • Amplifier detecting DT-322
  • Installation of pyrogen-free water
  • Transilluminator ECX-F26.C, 21X26 cm, wavelength 254 nm Vilber Lourmat
  • Biomedical microscope with imaging system
  • Automatic system of coloring of drugs TST 44
  • Countess Cell Viability Analyzer, Invitrogen
  • The apparatus of histological processing of biological tissues TPC 15 Medite
  • FTIR spectrometer FT-801
  • Cryostat NM 525, Microtome cryostat floor
  • Inverted microscope for laboratory research Axio Observer with a tripod
  • Microtome for laboratory research HM325
  • Electric Multiporator, Eppendorf, complete
  • LC-20 Chromatography System with Collector
  • Photometer Tablet iMark, Biorad
  • Thermal cycler for nucleic acid amplification CFX 96 Touch Real Time System, BioRad
  • Spectrophotometer Nano Photometer P330, Implen
  • CO2 incubator 195l, IR sensor, Sanyo MCO-20AIC
  • Scanning Spectrophotometer SmartSpec Plus, BioRad
  • Biolistik PDS-1000 / He biolistic transformation system, BioRad
  • Klimatostat KS-200
  • Direct research microscope Axio Imager.Z1
  • SCF extraction system with 200 ml vessel, two separators, flow meter and co-solvent pump
  • Cytfluorimeter CyFlow PA
  • Thermal cycler Techne TC PLUS
  • Bioreactor gas-vortex type "Biok"
  • Qubit fluorometer
  • Microscope research MPS-2
  • Water purification system for obtaining high-purity water of the UVI-MF series -1
  • Microplate washer automatic series Elx50, model ELx50 / 8
  • Complex computer for psychophysiological testing "NS-Psikhotest"
  • Computer polygraph "Reef"
  • Spectrophotometer scanning the UV-visible region with a wide spectral range of UV-1800 Shimadzu
  • UV-1240 Shimadzu UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Heldoconforming system Quantum-ST5-1100 / 26M, Vilber Lourmat complete with PC
  • Spectrophotometer UV-Visible Area Included with Agilent Cary 60 Fiber Optic Sensor
  • Microscope biological direct Zeiss Primo Star with a fixed setting according to Köhler
  • GS Junior high-throughput nucleic acid sequencing system
  • Climatic chamber ICH 750LMemmert
  • Hematology analyzer Mythic 22 C2 DIAGNOSTICS S.A.
  • Analyzer of an assessment of balance of water sectors of an organism "Medass"
  • Coagulometer Maxmat PL Coag
  • Laboratory freeze-drying FreeZone Triad
  • Interscience Scan1200 automatic colony counter
  • Laminar boxes of class II with product protection 1.5 m
  • Scanner for microchips InnoScan 900 AL
  • Computing cluster
  • Electronic tester for measuring the flowability of granular material
  • Tester bulk density of powders and granules
  • Strength tester
  • Tablet Abrasion Tester
  • Disintegration tester
  • Electronic tester to control the dissolution of tablets and capsules
  • Mixer for the homogenization of dry powders C 2.0 "Turbula"
  • High speed rotary mill
  • Laboratory tablet press ALSI600A
  • Nanocalorimeter TAMIII
  • HPLC Mass Spectrometer
  • Tea Filling Machine for DXDC-6 Filter Bags

Center for Materials Science

  • Fourier spectrometer "Infralyum FT-801" with the ATRM prefix and software
  • Viscometer rotational HAAKE Viscotester 550
  • Universal testing machine UTS 110M-100
  • Optoelectronic system for measuring the surface of defects (scanning probe microscope) Solver Next
  • Spectrometer fiber-optical small-sized USB4000-UV-VIS
  • HTS 300 laser machine
  • The diffractometer "Dron-3.0" with a hardware and software complex to control the goniometer
  • Laboratory ball mill with automatic cryogenic system in a set Retsch CryoMill
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with scanning function
  • Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Alpha Series

Center for Geoecological Monitoring

Meteorological stationary observations

  • Meteorological stationary station
Soil-hydrological stationary and field observations
  • Lysimetric station
  • Stationary stations for measuring soil moisture
  • Set (suitcase) for express analysis of soil moisture
Agro-ecological and soil field research
  • Cylindrical Soil Drill 05.07
  • Electronic recording soil penetrometer Eijkelkamp P1.52 included
  • Nitrometer portable "Nitrate test"
  • Universal portable fluorometer Waiz Junior-PAM complete with a clamp for biosamples Monitoring Leaf-Clip and an additional waveguide
  • Walz GFS-3000FL Portable Gas Exchange and Fluorescence System
Dendrochronological laboratory tests
  • Device for measuring tree rings with stereo microscope
Dendrochronological laboratory tests
  • Microscope trinokulyarny AKSIOSTAR PLUS for the light field
Botanical laboratory tests
  • Olympus BX-S1 microscope with digital camera
  • Stereoscopic microscope for laboratory research Stemi 2000-C with a digital video camera
Geodysic and geological surveys
  • Geomax ZTS605LR tacheometer
  • Spectrophotometer PE-5 400 UV
  • A device for determining the geographical coordinates of high precision GPS Spectra Precision Epoch
  • Georadar
  • Broadband Accelerometer with Feedback
Laboratory studies of soil physics
  • Spectrum Analyzer R & S FSH8 with FSH8 with options FSH-Z220, FSH-K42
  • Climatic chamber KTH-40
  • Agilent E5071C Vector Network Analyzer with Electronic Calibrator

Center for Information Technologies and High Performance Computing

  • Computer classes with local area network
  • Server equipment
  • Network hardware
  • Proprietary software
  • Video Lab
  • Mobile Platforms for Testing and Development
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