The ASU News journal


Address: Journal Editorial Office, Pr. Lenina, 61, Room 801, Barnaul, Russia, 656049.
Tel.: +7 (3852) 29-12-52.
Execitive Secretary: Tatyana Y. Atyasova,

The ASU News (Izvestiya of Altai State University) journal is a periodic scientific publication that covers the issues of education technology, the research results in the field of science and technology, social sciences and humanities of Russian and foreign experts and scholars. The founder of the journal is Altai State University.

The journal is published in thematic series, including:

  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences;
  • Legal Science;
  • Historical Sciences and Archeology.

All of the series of the journal The ASU News are included in the "List of the Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals recommended by Higher Attestation Commission for the publication of major research results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences".

On the purchase of the journal please contact the Journal Editorial Office.

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