Eco-Bingo: ethics, veg-outlets of Altai State University and pumpkin pie

10 November 2020 Press Centre Of IBB

The World Wide Web offers many opinions about nutrition, which implies restrictions on the consumption of animal products. These opinions are ambiguous. However, there are statistical facts that indicate that more and more people are following plant nutrition.

During the last week of October, the SEC Open Air took part in the most interesting Eco-Bingo game from the Green Universities Association of Russia within the framework of the Food for Thought project. During this time, we found, analyzed and shared with you a lot of important information in the posts and stories of our Instagram. But if you suddenly missed something - don't worry! Especially for you, we will remind you everything again and summarize.

Participation in Bingo

From the very first step, we did an important job: we passed the baton of participation to our colleagues from other environmental clubs in the country, which means that the issues of plant nutrition were able to get even more publicity.

The ecological aspect of animal husbandry

Assignment: The ecological aspect of animal husbandry

We immediately got down to work, first looking at the environmental impact of the livestock industry, and highlighted several issues that arise in the course of livestock organizations. In support of the informational coverage of the environmental aspect, we watched the film "Cattle Conspiracy".

The ethical aspect of animal husbandry

Assignment: The ethical aspect of animal husbandry

Next, we studied the ethical aspect of animal husbandry. We touched upon a view of the relationship between man and the animal world, which is revealed in the leading philosophical ideas of a certain time period.

They cited the British charitable organization Compassion in World Farming as an example and spoke a little about the company's success.

Veg-outlets of Barnaul

Assignment: Availability of veg outlets

Many outlets in Barnaul have dishes that contain only plant-based products. And there are few specialized vegan outlets, but they have turned out to be quite popular today. These are such places as the Vegetarian Cafe "Vrindavan" and the cafe-shop of healthy food "Food for Life".

However, as a result of our search, we got feedback and found out that in our city there are many shops with eco-products, such as Rawfoodists, as well as homemade pastry chefs like MadhuCake, who make delicious veggie sweets!
The diet of the follower of plant nutrition.

Assignment: Analysis of the diet

Regular, vegan or vegetarian - any diet requires an individual approach. But the difficulty in organizing the latter is to maintain the balance of nutrients entering the body. It is necessary to find less common sources of protein and fats, remember about getting vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements with food.

A rich plant dish or a treat for friends

Assignment: A rich plant dish; Vegan treats

Filling, healthy and tasty! This can be said for almost every dish that contains pumpkin. Pumpkin really has a lot of benefits: protein, carotene, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, vitamins can be extracted both from the pulp and from the seeds. We made pumpkin pie as a treat. The recipe and reaction of our friends can be found on Instagram!

It is noteworthy that pumpkin is a versatile product that can be used to make soups or side dishes, as well as desserts or juices. Therefore, in Instagram stories, we shared with you a few more recipes that you can get inspired and add them to your weekly menu.

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, which is considered to be November 1, the SEC Open Air is completing its participation in Eco-Bingo. For 10 days of participation, we managed to complete 13 tasks, publish 8 posts on Instagram (as well as stories) and 2 on VKontakte. Thanks for your feedback!

For the modern lifestyle, nutrition is one of the most significant aspects. But whatever diet you follow at the moment, first of all, a healthy and reasonable approach is important.

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