A master's student at Altai State University helps those in need

23 November 2023 Department of Information and Media Communication
Photo by "Good Deeds" on VKontakte
Master’s student at the Institute of History and International Relations of Altai State University Mikhail Belov, together with the volunteer association “Good Deeds,” helps homeless and low-income people by organizing free Sunday lunches for them.

This project has already been operating for more than 10 years; Mikhail joined it a year ago, when he joined the Barnaul Yoga Society. Their volunteer association “Good Deeds” works in several areas: supporting children in rehabilitation centers, the elderly, and people with addictions. The campaign to provide lunches to those in need is one of these areas.

There are four curators in the project, Mikhail is one of them.

“We have a special chat. The curator chooses what to cook, appoints those responsible for cooking, and organizes delivery. I myself take part in cooking. We prepare simple but tasty dishes – cereals, vegetables. Hot tea is a must, sometimes we have baked food and cookies. We don’t eat or distribute meat – these are the rules,” notes Mikhail.

All products are purchased using voluntary donations – many people know about the project and provide all possible assistance.

“We manage to purchase groceries, cook, and distribute food,” says Mikhail. “What we need is a car. Sometimes so-called car volunteers help us – they drive us to the place and then take us back. But it doesn’t always happen, and then we have to take a taxi, which is not very convenient.”

The distribution of free lunches is held every Sunday at the same point in Barnaul near the New Market. Mikhail notes that before there were more visitors, now only 8-10 people come. These are homeless people and simply pensioners who, due to various life circumstances, find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Volunteers try to help everyone, sometimes they help with clothes.

The volunteer group “Good Deeds” has a page on VKontakte. There you can find details for transferring voluntary donations, find out when the next event will take place, and also learn about other charitable projects.

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