Foreign Applicants

Dear foreign applicants and schoolchildren,

We are glad to welcome you on the website of Altai State University!

More and more foreign students come to study at universities in Altai Krai. And there are understandable reasons for this.

  1. Economic cooperation, which has been actively developed recently by both the governments of Russia and the CIS countries, and business structures, creates a need for well-trained personnel who speak Russian.
  2. The high level of education preserved in large state universities of Altai Krai makes it a popular place of study for students of neighboring cities.
  3. The geographical proximity of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Altai Territory and, as a result, inexpensive tickets and the ability for students to go home on vacation.
  4. Interest in Russia as a country with a vibrant and distinctive culture, whose fate is closely intertwined with the fate of the countries of the former USSR.
  5. Education in Altai Krai is much cheaper than in the European part of Russia or in Europe as a whole.
  6. Applicants from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan can enter Russian universities at budgetary (free) places.

All of the above makes Altai Krai attractive to international students.

Altai State University provides training for foreign citizens (students, graduate students, interns) in various forms of education.

Education of foreign citizens at the university is carried out both in budget places and in places with payment of tuition fees.

Foreign citizens can enter all specialties and areas of training.

In addition, the university provides training for highly qualified specialists through postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The academic year at ASU lasts from September to June. Duration of studies: BSc / BA (bachelor) - 4 academic years, MSc / MA (master) - 2 academic years, PhD (graduate student) - 3 academic years. Altai State University is accepting all forms of education.

Education at ASU is conducted in Russian. Before entering ASU, foreign citizens are advised to take a preparatory course in the Russian language and specialized subjects at ASU preparatory courses.

Advantages of admission to ASU:

  1. High-quality education on any of the modern trajectories.
  2. A large number of budget places for undergraduate and graduate programs.
  3. Excellent prospects for internships and continuing education abroad and obtaining, along with a Russian diploma, and a diploma from foreign partner universities.
  4. Many students successfully find jobs already in the 3-4th year and even earlier. Our graduates work worldwide and are recognized as leading experts in their respective fields of activity.
  5. Opportunities for engaging in research and innovative work from the student bench, an atmosphere of openness and free creativity.
  6. High level of social protection and social guarantees: ASU campus, which includes 4 comfortable hostels; student clinic; university canteens at affordable prices; numerous creative workshops, student clubs of interest; powerful sports base, dance hall, ski base.
  7. High IT level, wide range of information services: own local network and high-speed Internet access, wide access to electronic educational, cultural and leisure and information resources; ASU television studio, student radio, student newspapers and magazines; Altai State University Scientific Library has the book fund of more than 1 million printed copies.
Print version Modified 13.12.2019