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  • Hassan Eldesouky 03/20/2015 17:40:26 Egypt
    I have a 4 years bachelor of science degree ( very good with honor) and a 2 years graduate certificate of master coursework in microbiology (Excellent) but haven't obtained the master degree yet.
    kindly help me with calrifying following inquiries
    1-Can i apply directly to PhD program in biological sciences directly?
    2-Is English is the medium language of the study?
    3- What are the total cost of the study?

    Ответ Lidia Dear Hassan Eldesouky!
    Thank you for your interest to our university.
    1. Yes, you can apply directly to PhD program after you get your Masters Degree Diploma.
    2. The general language of the study is Russian. You have to write and defense the dissertation in Russian.
    3. The price for 1 academic year is about 1500 USD
    Best regards
  • ali siblani 03/15/2015 16:18:57 lebanon
    what are the payments for one symmester
    Ответ Lidia The price of Russian Language Preparation courses is about 700 USD per 1 semester
  • AFOLABI SULAIMON ABIDEMI 02/11/2015 18:07:39 Nigeria, Lagos
    What is the tuition fee for the preparatory faculty programme?
    Ответ it is about 1200 USD per academic year
  • Shilpi Singh 01/29/2015 18:16:54 India , Raipur
    I would like to apply for PhD in Biological Science. How shall I begin ? What are the procedure ?
    Ответ All programs at the Altai State University are in Russian. So, you have to confirm the level of your Russian or study Russian at the Altai State University or in other educational institution.
  • S.M. Samir Salman Shishir 01/11/2015 14:03:18 Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Dear Sir,
    I want to know the academic calender of application and other restriction of age towards admission in undergraduate programes. I have insufficient knowledge of russian language.
    Ответ Dear S.M. Samir Salman Shishir,
    Thank you for your interest to the Altai State University. The application process for undergraduate programs starts in June, the academic year starts September 1st. For admission to the University you have to successfully pass an exams in Russian.To improve your Russian language, you may apply to the Russian language preparation program.
    If you have any questions, please, contact
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