The engineering Center "Prombiotech" and the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center of AltSU hosted a visited by representatives of the group of companies "SOYUZSNAB" - a major manufacturer and supplier of food ingredients

18 May 2023 Department of Information and Media Communication
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On May 16, representatives of OOO “Green Lines”, a division of SOYUZSNAB group of companies, paid a working visit to Altai State University. In particular, they got acquainted with the work of the engineering Center "Prombiotech" and the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center and considered the possibilities of cooperation.

The “Green Lines” company manufactures food products, flavors and bacterial cultures. 50 production sites manufacture more than 100,000 tons of products per year. Today the company is interested in domestic enzymes producers necessary for the production of dairy products.

AltSU scientists presented their developments in the field of enzymatic biotechnological preparations to the guests. In particular, recombinant enzyme-producing strains that can replace imported analogues. So far, most domestic enzyme preparations, unlike imported ones, are obtained using classical selection methods. Recombinant technologies used by AltSU scientists make it possible to obtain producers with desired properties. This simplifies production, reduces costs and improves the product quality.

“The delegation of OOO “Green Lines” included not only managers, but also specialists directly engaged in production. For them, we conducted not just a tour - we demostrated our work from the inside. In their presence we took samples, measured the activity of drugs, so that the colleagues could evaluate our competencies in this complex area,” said Alena Irkitova, executive director of the engineering Center “Prombiotech” of Altai State University.

The guests expressed their interest in cooperation and are currently compiling a list of enzymes that scientists from Altai State University could produce.

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