An employee from RAACC mastered genetic and cellular technologies at a workshop at the Far Eastern Federal University

21 December 2023 Department of Information and Media Communication
Photo by Far Eastern Federal University

December 6–8, on Russky Island at the Far Eastern Federal University the School-practicum “Genetic and cellular technologies in scientific and clinical practice” took place. Vitaly Kulikov, an employee of the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center of Altai State University attended the three-day intensive course, held at the Center for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine.

The training was designed for students of medical and biological specialties, as well as for young scientists and physicians working in the field of genetics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Speakers at the school were Head of the Laboratory of Biomedical Cell Technologies of the Center for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine of the Far Eastern Federal University Vadim Kumeiko, Head of the Laboratory of Genomic Editing of the Institute of Biomedical Medicine SB RAS Grigory Stepanov, and Head of the Laboratory of Developmental Genetics Nariman Battulin.

“I had the opportunity to undergo training at a workshop in three thematic areas: “cellular technologies and drug development”, “advanced methods of molecular genetic analysis in clinical practice and research” and “high-performance microscopy and flow cytometry in clinical practice and research.” Lectures on relevant topics were presented, and workshops were also held with practicing specialists from FEFU laboratories and invited scientists and businessmen. Of the topics presented, digital PCR and analysis of NGS sequencing data were of particular interest to me.”

Vitaly Kulikov attended master classes on modern methods of molecular diagnostics and targeted therapy, the basics of cell cultivation, as well as the principles of working with genetic material. In addition, current topics in the field of bioinformatics data analysis and gene editing were discussed.

“Vitaly Kulikov’s trip took place within the framework of the project “Method for species-specific identification of oncogenic HPV types based on multiplex real-time PCR” of the Priority 2030 program. This is a great opportunity to see and understand the work of one of the leading scientific centers in Russia, try new technologies, go beyond the usual environment of your laboratory and broaden your horizon. For a young specialist, this is a very good experience on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is an opportunity to communicate with specialists and young people, exchange impressions, experience and search for contacts for future collaboration,” noted acting director of RAACC, a senior researcher Petr Kolosov.

FEFU scientists create technologies for personalized medicine and biological safety. The university's research team has identified a number of promising substances for the treatment of oncological, dermatological and infectious diseases.

“The trip to the school provided an opportunity to communicate with outstanding scientists in the field of biotechnology in medicine, namely in the diagnosis of oncological and viral diseases. This allowed us to deepen knowledge in this area, broaden our horizons and contributed to the establishment of scientific connections for the subsequent scientific collaboration,” comments Evgeniya Kolosova, a junior researcher at RAACC.

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