II International Educational Forum "Altai-Asia 2014: Eurasian Education Space: New Challenges and Best Practices"

II International Educational Forum “Altai-Asia 2014: Eurasian Education Space: New Challenges and Best Practices” was held on 25-26 September 2014 in Barnaul.

The Forum is a regular open consultative body. The Forum’s Summit is held every two years. The topic is choosed by Coordination Council. When the Summit is over, the Forum continues its work via communicative site.

The 2014 Forum was conducted with the support of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Coordination Council of SCO University, Russian Rectors’ Council, Russian Classical Universities Association.

The Forum’s participants included teaching staff, members of education administrative boards, scientific and research institutes personnel, lawmakers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, China and other Asian countries. The participation of foreign experts is essential for joining the efforts aimed at the development of Russian-Asian vocational education integration system.

The Forum’s mission:

  • Encouraging the vocational education development in Russian-Asian trans-border region through the knowledge exchange between Russian and foreign specialists and providing the professional community with the opportunity to get acquainted with the best national and foreign practices in the sphere of vocational education.
  • Presenting the vocational education role as increasing the humanitarian and economic integration potential of trans-border regions of Russia and Asian countries.

The Forum’s aims:

  • Discussion of topical issues of Eurasian educational systems modernization.
  • Improving universities’ competitiveness.
  • Assisting the effective solving of higher education problems at the present stage.

The Forum’s main topics:

  • Networking forms of cooperation in terms of educational programs implementation as a sign of modernization and internationalization of education.
  • Practice-oriented environment of educational establishment as education quality improvement factor.
  • Academic mobility development in the framework of international universities association as a basis of education integration in trans-border region.
  • Independent assessment of education quality: Russian and Asian modern experience.
  • Electronic education best practices in the context of education modernization.

Organizing Committee contacts:

Altai State University
Address: 656049, Russia, Barnaul, Pr. Lenina 61
Tel.: +7 (3852) 29-81-58, +7 (3852) 29-12-40
E-mail: cof-pem@asu.ru

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