Central Asian Youth Leadership Summit 2015

The Central Asian Youth Leadership Summit took place at Altai State University from October 9 to October 13, 2015.

The Summit was initiated by National Youth Council of Russia in the framework of ASU Students’ Associations Development Program with the support of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Federal Agency for Affairs of CIS, Compatriots Living Abroad and for International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo), and Asian Universities Association.

The Summit participants included 110 students and young scientists, 26 experts and moderators, 16 organizing committee members and 15 volunteers from 35 universities of 13 Asian countries.

The working languages were Russian and English.

The main objectives of the Summit were:

  • Finding the ways for the development of Central Asian youth organizations public diplomacy.
  • Development of contacts and relations between national students’ organizations, associations, movements of Central Asian countries, member countries, dialogue partners and observers of SCO and Asian Universities Association.
  • Selection and presentation of the most successful projects aimed at public diplomacy and international cooperation development, that were implemented by Central Asian youth organizations.
  • Setting up a constantly operating interactive web-site for the positive experience exchange and joint international students’ projects implementation in Central Asian countries.

The main discussion topics:

  1. Scientific and educational youth environment within the region: prospects for students’ innovative and scientific projects implementation oriented to Asian region development.
  2. Professional youth environment within the region: prospects for transregional collaboration in specialists training, educational standards development, international youth career centers and youth business-incubators organization.
  3. Cultural environment within the region: national culture peculiarities and Asian art.
  4. Social environment within the region: youth social institutions development in international collaboration and public diplomacy areas.
  5. Information environment within the region: network information resources and social networks in regional media.
  6. Prospects for international youth events conduction in the Asian region.
  7. Asian collaboration trajectory in the framework of SCO, BRICS, Asian Universities Association.

In the framework of the Summit more than 45 campaigns and events were conducted, including organizational activities, as well as the main program, which consisted of educational units, workshops, seminars, presentations, discussions prepared by leading scientists and experts. International youth collaboration experience was shared; the most successful projects were presented and implemented. There was also a cultural program organized, which comprised entertaining performances and sight-seeing trips to Barnaul and Altai Mountains.

As a result, the Summit participants have adopted the resolution concerning the intentions to organize joint activities in the youth public diplomacy sphere and international youth collaboration. The participants have also agreed on Asian Youth Model of the Eurasian Union project implementation by analogy with International Youth Model of United Nations Organization project, international youth organization establishment provisionally named “Youth Council of Central Asian Countries”, and the Council foundation conference conduction in 2016.

The Organizing Committee contacts:

Altai State University
Address: 656049, Russia, Barnaul, pr. Lenina 61
Roman I. Raikin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Development
Tel.: +7 (902) 998-30-12
Anton A. Tselevich, Head of Educational and Extracurricular Work Department
Tel.: +7 (913) 020-22-11
Anna A. Bakunkina, Participants Services Manager
Tel.: +7 (923) 167-75-32
E-mail: anna280399@mail.ru

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