AltSU scientists are developing an import-substituting enzyme preparation for oil production

13 April 2023 Department of Information and Media Communication
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The project of Altai State University scientists to obtain a strain-producer of recombinant phospholipase C received a grant support from the Governor of Altai Krai to develop qualitatively new technologies, create innovative products and services in the field of food processing and production, pharmaceutical production and biotechnology.

Scientists from the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center of AltSU and the Research Center "Prombiotech" of AlSU are working on the project "Development of highly effective biological preparations for fodder production and crop production, in particular, the producer and production technology of recombinant phospholipase C." The scientific supervisor of the project is Candidate of Biological Sciences, an associate professor Dmitry Shcherbakov.

Phospholipase C is used for refining vegetable oils: soybean, palm, sunflower, rapeseed, and others. Enzymatic refining is much safer for the environment than chemical refining. Also, the drug is used in the formation of the structural-mechanical properties of milk, in the process cheeses ripening, in the baking industry, in the manufacture of mayonnaise and pre-treatment of oils for biodiesel production.

The preparation is able to substitute imported analogues (USA). To date, there is no domestic recombinant phospholipase C on the market in Russia. Altai State University scientists have already obtained a recombinant (genetically modified) strain, which produces a valuable enzyme - phospholipase C. Ahead is scaling, development of cultivation technology and obtaining a prototype.

The project won a grant support from the Governor in the amount of 750 thousand rubles. It also implies co-financing of the university and the industrial partner - OOO PO “Sibbiopharm.”

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