“Expertise of AltSU scientists is impressive!” The University presents innovative products for the agro-industrial complex at Day of the Siberian Field - 2023

29 June 2023 By Alina Fomenko

The Interregional Agro-Industrial Forum "Day of the Siberian Field" is an annual event held in Altai Krai for agricultural specialists. The forum site is the Siberian Agricultural Park, located on the 37th kilometer of the Pavlovsky tract. It is here that presentations of all agro-supply organizations and agricultural machinery plants of Altai Krai will take place on June 28–29. As the organizers of the forum noted, the participating companies intend to demonstrate the full range of proposals for agricultural production, seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers, and biological products will be widely represented. The companies will offer solutions for the agricultural production digitalization. The forum program will also include master classes, consultations and presentations. In total, about 20 business events are planned. And among the guests are representatives of the executive branch: Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev, Governor of Altai Krai Viktor Tomenko, deputy of Altai Krai Council of People's Deputies of the III convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Environmental Management Alexander Romanenko and others.

At the agro-industrial forum "Day of the Siberian Field" the team of the Engineering Center "Prombiotech" of Altai State University presented a line of innovative biological products for agriculture: the plant protection agent and plant growth stimulator "Phytopumilin", a probiotic for aquaculture "Aquabacillin", a disinfectant for agricultural premises and bedding, and a synbiotic for animals. A joint development of the Engineering Center "Prombiotech" and the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center - recombinant phospholipase C was also presented.

Acting director of the engineering center "Prombiotech", Candidate of Biological Sciences Alena Irkitova commented:

– This is an enzyme of the hydrolase class, catalyzing the breakdown of phospholipids to diacylglycerides and polar phosphate-containing groups. The most promising for introduction into biotechnological production are genetically modified strains producing phospholipases. Recombinant phospholipase C is in great demand due to the possibility of practical application in various industries: refining oils (soybean, palm, sunflower, pre-treatment of oils in the production of biodiesel fuel, accelerating the ripening of cheeses, use as an emulsifier in the dairy and baking industries, production of mayonnaise, etc. In addition, the use of enzyme preparations, for example, in the refining of oils, significantly reduces the burden on the environment compared to chemical cleaning methods. At the same time, there are no Russian commercial preparations of phospholipase C on the market. The project is being implemented with the grant support from the Governor of Altai Krai for the development of qualitatively new technologies, the creation of innovative products and services in the fields of food processing and production, pharmaceutical production and biotechnology.

A junior researcher from RAACC Evgenia Kolosova adds:

– We work closely with scientists from "Prombiotech." The Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center is engaged in obtaining genetically modified organisms of a laboratory sample. First of all, we develop enzymes for the food industry, for example, chymosin, a milk-clotting enzyme, phospholipase C, amylase, and many others. Later, we pass these samples to the Engineering Center "Prombiotech" for scaling.

A team of AltSU scientists notes that the interregional agro-industrial forum is an excellent opportunity for dialogue with consumers and forging partnerships. Also, at the exhibition were presented the developments of biotechnological preparations of the South Sibirian Botanical Garden of AltSU and the Institute of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies of AltSU.
It should be noted that some agrarians participating in the forum are already cooperating with the classical university. Among them is an agronomist Nikolai Rudev. He says:

— I recently attended a speech by an associate professor of the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography Andrey Bondarovich and saw him from a new perspective. The agrarian topic is very difficult to understand, but he quickly captured the audience, explained everything in simple words and in detail. It is immediately clear that the person is a specialist in this field, and it would seem that he is a theoretician. We are cooperating with the classical university, in particular, on the issues of express analysis of the soil, drawing up a sample of demonstration crops. A lot of work was done with Head of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics Elena Ponkina. I can assure you that the mathematical model of crops really facilitates practical work. The expertise of scientists from AltSU is simply impressive!

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