Pharmacist students from AltSU undergo practical training in high-tech production

29 September 2023 Department of Information and Media Communication

The Institute of Chemistry and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies has introduced practical on-the-job training into the training program for pharmacists. Students will be able not only to listen to lectures, but also to immediately apply their knowledge in practice, for example, work with special equipment, dry granules, and take measurements for mixing the composition of phytocapsules.

“Students from 3 to 5 years will undergo this practice. During the classes, they will become familiar with the technology, stages of assessing the quality of raw materials and others, and will receive competencies that will allow them to immediately begin work after graduation from the university in any Altai pharmaceutical or similar production,” said Vitaly Tsarev, an associate professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies of Altai State University.

Classes are held on the basis of the high-tech production of the Altai company MeiTan, with which the university signed a cooperation agreement this year.

“The main result of joint work is ready-made specialists. We encountered the fact that there are few young pharmacists with the necessary competence in the region when we were launching the production. Therefore, we are pleased to cooperate with the region’s leading universities and help students gain the necessary experience during their studies,” said Lyubov Levanyuk, president of the company.

The company already has experience working with students in this area. In 2021, two Altai State University students interned at MeiTan during their studies, and after graduation, they were officially employed in the positions of “technologist” and “pharmacist-analyst”.

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