Volunteer center of ASU

The Volunteer Center of AGU was founded in March 2012 following the results of the IV All-Russian Student Forum.

The purpose of the center is to coordinate and support the activities of university volunteers.


  • promotion and popularization of volunteer values ​​in ASU;
  • identification of volunteer activities;
  • development and implementation of effective mechanisms, forms and methods of work with various target groups;
  • supervising the leaders of volunteer groups, providing them with practical and methodological assistance;
  • coordination of the activities of volunteer teams with partner organizations;
  • summarizing the experience of implementing volunteer projects and preparing proposals for the further development of volunteer activities;
  • ensuring interaction with other volunteer organizations in order to exchange experience and subsequent introduction of innovative forms and methods of work;
  • organization and holding of socially significant events in ASU, the city, the region;
  • training of volunteers for participation in national, international projects.

The highest governing body of the center is the general meeting of volunteers. For the implementation of the direct leadership of the general meeting, the center coordinator is selected.

The main activities of the center:

  • Social direction;
  • Ecological direction;
  • Spontaneous direction;
  • Donor direction;
  • Civil patriotic direction;
  • Media direction.

Main events

“Your drop of blood may save someone”, “The best donor-studio team”, “Memory Watch”, “Paper for the Good”, “Health Week” – this is not a complete list of events held by the center.

Our volunteers are participants of the international program “Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World”, volunteers of the Olympic Games, World Cup and World Winter Universiade.

In 2018, in the framework of the Year of Volunteer in the Russian Federation, the Volunteer Center organized the regional stage of the All-Russian Competition "Volunteer of the Year" in Altai Krai.

Any student of Altai Krai can join the Volunteer Center on a personal application that can be completed online here.


Coordinator of the Volunteer Center Fedyunin Nikita
phone +7 (923) 795-96-97
Secretary of the Volunteer Center Vakhrusheva Maria
phone +7 (961) 234-60-27
e-mail vc-asu@mail.ru
VKontakte vk.com/vc_asu

We are waiting for you! Let's change the world together!

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