Center for Creativity and Leisure of Students and Staff

director Larisa A. Rogova
address Barnaul, pr. Sotsialistichesky, 68а, rooms 8F, 9F
tel. +7 (3852) 296-564

The university has all the possibilities for the creative implementation of students. If you like to be always in motion, you are waited in the Center for Student Creativity and Leisure! Life here is always in full swing. In different cabinets in parallel can go up to 5-6 classes. In between classes or preparing for them, creative students gather here.

The center of student creativity and leisure has:

  • Dance class;
  • Vocal studio;
  • KVN studio ;
  • Showroom;
  • Vocal and instrumental studio;
  • Headquarters of student teams;
  • Headquarters of the volunteer center;
  • Assembly hall for youth events.

This is a platform where a large number of university students successfully work.

Each of the guys has a story about how they got here. Someone already stood on the threshold on the first of September and wanted to dance everywhere and always, someone won the annual Student Creativity Festival. There are those who came by chance, for the company, and eventually became the leader in their team. In our center not only students are engaged, but also employees and teachers of our university.

When the rest of the university people get ready for a holiday weekend and good rest, it’s time for creative students. Ask the corps watch who will be the last to leave him, and you will receive an answer - theater-goers, dancers and musicians.

The active center of student creativity and leisure is famous for the fact that it is he who invents and implements the most vivid student events: from traditional informal skitters to major student festivals of regional scale. Holidays such as "Knowledge Day in the style of open air", "Dedication to students", "New Year", "KVN Cup", "Miss ASU" and many other interesting projects have always been and will be the most beloved and expected among university students . The peculiarity of the organization is that every student has the right to appeal to any of his representatives with an idea or project and is guaranteed to find help and support.

The center of creativity and leisure of students and staff invites you to take part in the lives of more than twenty teams, as well as create your own and represent a university in the city and far beyond its borders, becoming a participant in interregional, All-Russian and international festivals and competitions. In addition, you can participate in the creation of events and projects of the center.

Fill out the application form and send to:, and we will contact you!

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