Student Government

The University's United Council of Students was created by the university's student activists in 2012 as a coordinating body for the purpose of developing the university's student self-government system. At that time, it included 15 student associations and initiative groups of students. The main task of the Council is to develop and implement the Program for the Development of Student Associations.

Since 2012, the Council has been a regular participant and winner of the competitive selection of the PFSR of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Currently, the United Council of Students includes 43 major student associations of the university.

The structure of the United Council of Students
  • League of Students of ASU.
  • Scientific student society.
  • Headquarters labor affairs.
  • Volunteer center "Svoy".
  • Student Business Incubator.
  • Student operational squad.
  • Student council hostels.
  • Council of the student magazine "Student Legion".
  • Forum Parliamentary Debate Club.
  • Ecological club "Under the sky".
  • Student educational and scientific innovation center.
  • Student Design Bureau (SKTB) "Radio Engineering".
  • Student club of intellectual cinema lovers.
  • Student Tourist Club AltGU.
  • Student club court speakers.
  • Legal clinic "Themis".
  • Association of students "INST".
  • Association of International Students (AIST).
  • Student Association "Center for Legal Education of Youth."
  • Student TV Studio.
  • Student Radio Studio "Planet Radio".
  • Student squad quick response.
  • Club of integrated communication.
  • Club of young voters.
  • Club of historical fencing and reconstruction "Free squad".
  • Council of Cultural Organizers.
  • KVN League .
  • Press center of the League of Students of AltGU.
  • Theater workshop "Homo Artisticus".
  • Theatrical group of the law faculty "XXI century".
  • The club of board and intellectual games "FOX".
  • Council of sports organizers.
  • Student service tutors.
  • Student center of vocational guidance and work with gifted youth.
  • Student sports association "Iskra" in volleyball.
  • Altai Trail Student Club of cross-country amateurs.
  • Student Amateur Hockey Club (HC "University").
  • Student Amateur Football Club "Asia".
  • Student Amateur Sambo Club, monolith judo.
  • Student Amateur Water Polo Club.
  • Bureau of trainers of AltSU.
  • Student Football Club "Legion"
  • Student Scientific and Popularization Association "PROVET"
Chairman: Ivan Andreevich Subochev
Address: Pr. Lenina, 61, room 320 M
Phone: +7 (3852) 298-130, +7 961 236-67-19


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