A master's student from the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies received a grant support from the Governor for IT development for doctors

28 December 2023 Institute of Mathematics and IT

A master's student in "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" (Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of ASU) Roman Klimenko became the winner of the grant competition of the Governor of Altai Krai to support projects to develop Russian solutions in the field of information technologies of the state program “Digital development of the economy and information environment of Altai Krai."

Roman's project is related to the creation of AI technologies that will help doctors to carry out their work without being distracted by the routine processes of filling out standard documents (speech-to-text conversion algorithms).

“Medical specialists involved in the process of providing medical care often do not have access to a PC or do not have the ability to maintain electronic medical records in parallel with the provision of medical care. Entering data into medical information systems through phone notes or retyping handwritten text is not always convenient and time-consuming, and today it is also unsafe in terms of data sensitivity. Many doctors have already heard about the experience of voice input of information in related industries. We were asked to conduct a technical experiment in this area, the result of which should be a convenient and practical tool for voice input of medical information,” Roman comments on his advanced development.

The system should be quick to grasp the speech, based on a dictionary of medical terms and taking into account the peculiarities of the doctor’s work. An important point in the new project is the ability to capture an audio from a mobile phone. In addition, the integration of new algorithms with databases in medical information systems should be ensured through authorization with registration of the clinic's automated workplace. Thus, all aspects have already been thought through; all that remains is to wait for the final result and implementation in practice in the near future.

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