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02.03.02 Fundamental computer science and information technology


Programming and Information Technologies

The program is aimed at preparing specialists capable of industrial and technological, research and development activities in the sphere of design, development, implementation and operation of information systems, life cycle management, taking into account the requirements of the labor market (both at the regional and RF levels), prospects and trends in the development of information technologies, as well as in accordance with the professional standards "Programmer", "System Analyst".

The program includes:
  • basic disciplines aimed at the development of digital culture, formation of teamwork skills, project competence, communication skills, including business communication skills in a foreign language, self-development and self-organization skills;
  • disciplines that form competence in the fundamentals of computer science and mathematics, programming languages, algorithms and databases, as well as modern technologies of designing information systems and computing systems, including artificial intelligence systems and big data technologies;
  • professional disciplines aimed at the formation of practical skills in the conceptual, functional and logical design of information systems of medium and large scale, definition of requirements and software design.
  • The value of the program is practice-oriented. Employees of regional IT-companies are involved in implementation of the educational program. Leading IT companies such as YANDEX, Postgress Professional, IntegraSourses are among the industrial partners.

Learning mode

  • Full-time
  • 4 years

State-funded places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

55 385 ₽

Entrance tests

What training you get

The educational program gives an opportunity to know several programming languages and technologies, introduces the methodology of software engineering and systems analysis for building complex software and information systems, teaches to design, create, test complex types of software, introduces various telecommunication technologies, allowing them to be in demand on the labor market as IT specialists.

Much attention in the learning process is paid to theoretical training in fundamental computer science because complex information technology is associated with the development of new effective algorithms and ways to store, search and process information, information security in information systems, digital image and sound processing, computer graphics, using mathematical decision support methods, machine learning methods and intelligent data analysis. This involves deep knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical apparatus: mathematical analysis, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, discrete mathematics and mathematical logic.

Students learn to work with computer networks, network applications, develop software and information support of databases, computing complexes and automated systems for various fields of economy and production, solve problems in the field of information protection.

Career opportunities and graduates

Program graduates receive a comprehensive and balanced training and can therefore choose from a wide range of activities, from software development to scientific research in the field of fundamental computer science and information technology. They can easily find employment at enterprises in departments related to automation and robotization of management and workflow, data collection, processing and analysis, work planning and optimization, design and development of intelligent information systems. Some positions that graduates can hold are: IT director, IT project manager, software developer, web developer, mobile application developer, database architect, database administrator, data mining specialist, intelligent systems specialist, machine learning specialist, interface developer, information security specialist.


  • The head of the program is Denis Yurievich Kozlov, Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Head of Informatics Department.
  • Phone: +7 (3852) 298-152
  • E-mail:

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