Technosphere Safety

The Bachelor's degree program is aimed at training graduates, whose professional work will be aimed at solving problems of human safety in the modern world and minimizing the anthropogenic impact on the environment. The activity of the specialists in this field is connected with the questions of the formation of comfortable life and activity of the technosphere, preservation of the life and health of people by means of use of modern technical means, controlling and forecasting methods.


20.03.01 Technosphere Safety


Life Safety in a Technosphere

Learning mode

  • Full-time education – 4 years
  • Part-time training – 4 years 6 months

State-funded places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

26 375 - 62 445 ₽

Entrance tests

What training you get

During this program, you will learn how to supervise and monitor working conditions at workplaces, consult on environmental safety and sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the population, develop and implement fire prevention measures and monitor the condition of fire protection systems and facilities, instruct personnel and organize training on fire safety, choose and use technical means and methods

Career opportunities and graduates

Graduates who have completed the program will be able to carry out research, expert, supervisory, inspection and audit and organizational and management activities in the field of occupational safety and health. And also within the framework of professional activity to solve the issues of fire prevention, environmental safety, waste management, protection in emergency situations. All these tasks are part of the job responsibilities of the occupational safety and health employees:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Engineer;
  • Engineer for protection in emergency situations;
  • Industrial Safety Engineer;
  • Safety Inspector;
  • Lifeguard.


  • The head of the program is Ludmila Vladimirovna Scherbakova, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Technosphere Safety and Analytical Chemistry.
  • Phone: +7 906 940-73-65
  • E-mail:

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