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Studying geography at Altai State University will give you fundamental training in the study of the patterns of natural environment functioning using modern digital techniques.

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05.03.02 Geography


  • Physical Geography
  • Geoinformatics and geography of tourism
  • Economic and political geography


  • The advantage of the 05.03.02 Geography program at Altai State University is the opportunity to create an individual learning path. Within the educational process the students may choose one of the two profiles, taking into consideration their future professional interests: "Physical geography, geoinformatics and geography of tourism" and "Economic and political geography".
  • Relevance of the profile "Physical Geography, Geoinformatics and Geography of Tourism" is due to a combination of fundamental training in the study of patterns of natural environment functioning, using modern digital research methods, as well as the applied use of knowledge in the development of tourism and recreation - the most dynamic inter-sectoral complexes that have a huge impact on key sectors of the economy.
  • The uniqueness of the profile consists in training specialists who possess: knowledge in the field of digital and geoinformation technologies, methods of fundamental and practice-oriented geographical research, modern technologies and tools for territorial development, as well as skills in designing tourist and recreational systems, development of tourist and excursion routes; obtaining priority competencies needed by the market and society.
  • Relevance of the profile "Economic and political geography" is due to the systemic understanding of the spatial structure of all levels of economic and political processes and their basic elements: states, integration associations, geopolitical systems, regions, borders, capitals, municipalities. The received knowledge underlies the theory of country study explaining the specificity of foreign and internal political activity of the states of the world. Possession of methods of the spatial analysis allows to reveal regularities of economic phenomena on global, regional and local levels.
  • The uniqueness of the profile lies in the use of both traditional approaches in economic and political geography and methods of new economic geography; opportunity of gaining knowledge, skills and abilities to work in scientific institutions, authorities, design and survey organizations, firms and companies engaged in digitalization of economy and information support of tasks in the field of sustainable development; familiarization with the work of political parties and authorities in Russia.

Learning mode

  • Full-time
  • 4 years

State-funded places places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

62 445 rubles

Entrance tests

What training you get

  • Graduates of the profile "Physical Geography, Geoinformatics and Geography of Tourism" are able to apply in practice the knowledge of geography, geomorphology, geology, geodesy, climatology, hydrology, biogeography, soil science, landscape science, geoinformation technology and remote sensing data processing, including unmanned aerial vehicles. You will learn how to analyze the tourist and recreational needs of vacationers, assess recreational and tourist activity of the population depending on the regional specifics, evaluate recreational and tourist resources, identify needs and suggest prospective recreational and tourist activities. A considerable part of training takes modern digital methods and GIS-technologies of geodatabase design and carrying out on their basis analysis, modeling and forecasting of geosystems development.
  • Graduates of a profile "Economic and political geography" can apply in practice the knowledge in the sphere of administrative, electoral and consulting-audit activity, concerning spatial aspects of development of industrial, financial and social processes, education of all levels, the research organizations, the enterprises of transport and logistical specialization, domestic and international diversified holdings and concerns, the enterprises of various sector.

Career opportunities and graduates

  • Alumni of a profile "Physical geography, geoinformatics and geography of tourism" successfully realize themselves in administrative bodies of subjects of Russia; in the companies working in the field of natural, ecological, industrial, social, recreational and public systems, in specially protected natural areas; in secondary general educational institutions (lyceums, gymnasiums, comprehensive schools, colleges etc.); act as experts and advisers in various areas of geography, tourism and health resorts.
  • Alumni of the profile "Economic and Political Geography" successfully realize their potential in scientific-research organizations and branch institutes, government bodies (regional, municipal, local), state and private enterprises (companies) representing key sectors of the economy, design and survey organizations, in secondary schools (lyceums, gymnasiums, comprehensive schools, colleges, etc.), headquarters of election companies at different levels, transport and logistics companies, trade and foreign trade companies.


  • The head of the program is Yulia Vyacheslalovna Kozyreva, candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor of the department of physical geography and geoinformation systems, deputy director for educational work.
  • Phone: +7 (3852) 291-275
  • E-mail:

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