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Unique interdisciplinary master's program in the field of 41.04.01 Foreign Regional Studies, "Turkic Studies" profile is carried out with the participation of leading experts in history, ethnography, archeology and linguistics of Turkic peoples from the leading scientific and educational centers of Russia and Central Asian countries. The program is aimed at Turkic languages, history, material and spiritual culture of Turkic peoples, the current state of the Turkic world and promotes the formation of research skills that allow successful pursuit of a postgraduate academic career.


41.04.01 Foreign Regional Studies



Double Degree Program

The program is unique with the possibility of obtaining two diplomas. The program is implemented by the Scientific and Educational Center of Altai and Turkology of the Altai State University "Great Altai".

Learning mode

Full-time education, 2 years

State-funded places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

57 615 ₽

Entrance test

Examination in the direction of "Foreign Regional Studies" "Turkology"

Passing score in 2022


What training you get

Foreign languages (English and one of the Turkic languages); skills of research and teaching in the field of Turkic civilization and Turkic-speaking peoples (collecting, analysis and systematization of the literature on current problems of Turkology, analysis of sources on the history of Turkic peoples, identifying new aspects and trends of Turkic peoples), and expert and analytical work connected with the analysis of current trends and processes in Turkic world and preparation on its basis of expert and analytical work

Career opportunities and graduates

The educational program is directed on preparation of the experts possessing two foreign languages, having deep knowledge of specificity of history and culture of the Turkic civilization, modern development of the Turkic-speaking people, ready for professional activity in sphere of scientific researches of foreign regional studies; intercultural communications; translation activity; expert-analytical activity; conducting of official and business correspondence in foreign languages; in sphere of the organization of projects and programs of the international profile. Graduates will be in demand as researchers and teachers in the field of Turk studies with knowledge of the Turkic language; translators; analysts of international departments, departments and foreign offices; experts on current issues of the Turkic world development; as reviewers and analysts in the media.



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