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The program is aimed at training translators who meet the requirements specified in the professional standard "Specialist in Translation". The master is an expert in general linguistics, translation theory and practice, and intercultural communication. In the field of translation training takes place in narrow spheres, such as legal translation, translation of business and financial documents, medical translation, translation in the tourism sphere. In addition there are courses in methodology of teaching linguistic disciplines and linguodidactics, which allow the graduate to work in the institutions of higher, secondary and professional education. The peculiarity of the program is studying Chinese as a second foreign language.


45.04.02 Linguistics


Branch Translation

Learning mode

Full-time education, 2 years

State-funded places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

53 890 ₽

Entrance test

Linguistics major exam

Passing score in 2022


What training you get

As a result of completing the master's program, the graduate will possess the following skills and abilities:

  • practical skills of interpretation and translation in special professional fields of activity (scientific translation, legal translation, medical translation, translation in tourism, translation of business and financial documentation, artistic translation, technical translation and localization, including the use of automated translation systems and CAT programs;
  • skills in pedagogical activities in educational institutions for teaching linguistic disciplines;
  • skills of scientific research for the purpose of further development of scientific career.

Core disciplines

  • Proficiency level English
  • Theory and practice of a second foreign language (Chinese)
  • Translation of business and financial documents
  • Legal and medical translation
  • Tourism translation
  • Technical translation and localization
  • Artistic translation
  • Digital technologies in translation activities
  • Linguistic and educational technologies

Career opportunities and graduates

Upon completion of the Master's programme you will be able to work as:

  • a professional translator in a specific industry (technical translation and localization, document translation, medical translation, legal translation);
  • a manager of an organization, an assistant manager for linguistic processing of documents in foreign languages, development of linguistic content of websites of Russian firms in English;
  • a teacher of linguistic disciplines in educational institutions, including universities,
  • as a researcher in leading academic institutions.


  • Head of the Master's program - Professor, Doctor of Philological Sciences Osokina Svetlana Anatolievna, phone: +7 (3852) 296-580, E-mail:
  • Department of Linguistics, Translation and Foreign Languages: Phone: +7 (3852) 296-610, E-mail:


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