Digital Technologies of Data Analysis for Sustainable Development in Northern and Central Asia | Master's Degree Program | Altai State University

The program is focused on training specialists capable of project activities in the field of digital technology and big data analysis, with competencies in research and interdisciplinary activities, taking into account the requirements of the labor market, prospects and trends in the development of IT-technology.


09.04.03 Applied Computer Science


Digital Technologies of Data Analysis for Sustainable Development in Northern and Central Asia

Double Degree Program

The program is unique with the possibility of obtaining two diplomas. The program is implemented by the Scientific and Educational Center of Altai and Turkology of the Altai State University "Great Altai". The program is implemented in cooperation with the East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amanzholov. S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University and M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan University.

Learning mode

Full-time education, 2 years

State-funded places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

66 040 ₽

Entrance test

Applied Computer Science (IMIT) exam

Passing score in 2022


What training you get

The educational program is aimed at training specialists with advanced study of methods of spatial analysis, mathematical modeling and forecasting of natural and socio-economic processes dynamics, as well as GIS-technologies. The range of applied tasks of the graduate includes the analysis of climatic changes, extreme climatic phenomena and risks of their occurrence (drought, flooding, fires), various, including extreme, social phenomena based on the processing of remote sensing data (ERS), big data and diverse data collected from different sources (statistics, sociological surveys, social network data, etc.). In addition, the training includes training in processing ground-based monitoring data (weather stations, lysimetric stations) and data from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Core disciplines

  • basic disciplines aimed at developing the digital culture, teamwork skills, project competence, communicative skills, including skills of business communication in a foreign language;
  • disciplines, forming competence in the field of fundamental and practical foundations of professional activity, developing abilities to solve problems of applied computer science, including big data engineering, as well as to combine and adapt existing IT technologies for solving professional problems;
  • professional disciplines aimed at building research skills and competencies in the development and management of IT projects.

Career opportunities and graduates

Graduates of the program will be able to implement their own projects in the field of big data analysis. Job placement by profile in state and local government agencies, in organizations for the provision and development of digital data analysis services for businesses in North and Central Asia, including businesses that provide IT services, is possible.


  • Program Head - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics Department Ponkina Elena Vladimirovna.
  • Phone: +7 (3852) 298-151
  • E-mail:


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