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The purpose of the educational program - preparation of the highly skilled, competitive Russian and foreign personnel having necessary competences for successful practical activity in the field of designing, management and maintenance of social safety of communication processes in the international media space. This educational program is relevant to those whose activities are related to the media and is designed for citizens of Russia, the Greater Altai Region, and Central Asia. The proposed curriculum is unique, developed on the basis of the latest trends in the media sphere and the requirements of the modern labor market.


42.04.01 Advertising and Public Relations


Social Safety of Great Altai Media Space

Learning mode

Part-time training, 2 years 3 months

State-funded places


Employer-sponsored places


Fee-paying places


Tuition fees per semester in 2023 / 2024 academic year

26 375 ₽

Entrance test

Interdisciplinary exam Media Communication Design (written)

Passing score in 2022


What training you get

During the course of this program, you will gain:

  • knowledge of basic theories and research approaches in the field of communication studies, knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methods of scientific research, and the ability to apply this knowledge to the study of media space and the management of communication processes;
  • knowledge of the structure and functioning logic of modern media and Internet communications, the ability to manage the process of media planning and media marketing;
  • knowledge and practical skills of evaluating and analyzing information in various media, including print, audiovisual, and digital;
  • ability to demonstrate skills in analyzing and solving practical problems in the field of media communications, taking into account the current consumer culture and structure of media space in the countries of the Greater Altai and Central Asia;
  • the ability to manage external and internal corporate communications at the national and international level.
  • skills at the design stage of a communication product to provide expert evaluation of its compliance with the requirements of legislative, social, cultural, and ethical norms in force in a particular state;
  • skills to ensure that the choice of media resources and content is optimally suited to the target audience
  • skills to monitor media space to identify violations of these norms in the content of published content, including with the help of special programs.

The output is a project management specialist able to immediately start teamwork in real communication projects of organizations with different types of activities; with experience in developing and implementing communication projects that meet the requirements of social security.

Career opportunities and graduates

Upon completion of the program, graduates may find themselves as communication managers in the government, commercial and public organizations (including international), as experts-analysts and consultants for organizations engaged in information and publishing, marketing, advertising and PR - activities in Russia and Central Asia, as well as project - managers in communication full-service agencies.


  • Program Head - Alla Vladimirovna Kovaleva, Doctor of Social Sciences, Head of Department of Media Communications, Advertising Technologies and Public Relations.
  • Phone: +7 (3852) 296-616
  • E-mail:

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