ASU presents a record number of new educational programs during admission campaign 2019

19 February 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Admission campaign 2019 promises to be a record one in the number of new areas of study: Altai State University is going to introduce 34 new programs. For comparison, there were only 10 new programs last year.

New educational programs will be a feature of the admission campaign; never before has the university offered so many new areas of study. What are they needed for? Acting Rector Sergei Bocharov explains: the reason for this lies in the statistics of past admission campaigns.

“Target admission levels have hardly changed,” Sergei Bocharov noted. “And in terms of general admission, only four faculties managed to fulfill the target level: the Faculty of Arts and Design, the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Physics and Technology, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology. The rest of the faculties could not meet the planned admission requirements. In this regard, the university has an urgent task of modernizing educational activities. It is necessary to conduct an audit of existing educational programs for their relevance and to open the new ones that will be attractive to applicants. Here it is necessary to use all the mechanisms, ranging from attracting the resources of the leading universities of the country on outsourcing contracts and ending with the development of our own educational programs, using the developed competences of the teams. Work on the opening of new programs at the university is already underway, in 2018 ten new educational programs of different levels of training were launched, and the first fruits in the form of an influx of students appeared. It is important to emphasize that all the updated programs are oriented to the requests of specific employers."

Most of the new areas of training concern master’s degree programs. There are 24 such programs, some of which are also divided into profiles. So, within the Jurisprudence program there will be the following profiles: “Lawyer in the Field of State and Municipal Management”, “Legal Psychology”, “Methods of Preparation and Interpretation of Legal Acts”, “Lawyer in the Field of Private Law”, “Lawyer in Criminal Justice”, "Lawyer in the Field of IT and Digital Law”. By the way, information technologies are also featured in many other areas – the new educational programs are focused on the demands of the modern labor market.

Bachelors will study "Radiophysical Technologies in the Digital Economy", while masters will focus on "Information Security of Banking and Financial Systems" and "Physics of Nanosystems".  "Teacher of School and Additional Education in the Field of Computer Science and Robotics" master’s degree program will also be available. ASU branches in Rubtsovsk and Slavgorod will offer the profiles "Digital Economy", "Digital Technologies in Law", "Applied Informatics in Economics", "Artificial Intelligence Technologies".

Another trend is training specialists in management. Educational programs in management technologies penetrate even the Faculty of Arts and Design: here they plan to open the programs “Creative Industry and Management in the Field of Art”, “Fashion and Business”. Technology and management of multimedia editing, management of vocational education, management of tourist and recreational systems – the students that will take on new courses will be trained for executive positions. And this is a response to requests not of the companies and employers, but of the youth itself.

At the same time, some educational programs have been closed: these are the ones that have lost their relevance and have become unpopular among the applicants.

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