Students of the Institute of Sociological Sciences met with representatives of NGOs

25 November 2020 Department for Work with Enterprises and Organizations and Employment of Graduates

"Show your worth!" is the slogan of the meeting of students of different directions of the Institute of Sociological Sciences with representatives of non-profit organizations, which was held on November 20, at the Institute of Sociological Sciences, each direction of which revealed topical issues for those present.

Tatiana Guzh, Head of the Center for Social Development of the Family, spoke about grant projects of a social orientation, which are being implemented at the initiative of her organization. "The ABC of Overcoming the Family Crisis" is the name of the project, which has been implemented in Altai Krai since 2017. Mediators and psychologists who work with young families and families on the brink of divorce are actively involved in the project.

Victoria Cherepanova, Head of the Russian Youth Union, highlighted projects in which students can take part if they join the RYU. The most popular of them are “Projects Day”, “Living Book”, “Corps of Public Observers”. Regional offices of RYU are also located in the cities of Biysk and Zarinsk.

Denis Matis, Head of the Altai Youth Foundation, spoke about various types of social activities. That even a student who has only an idea can start his or her own business.

The speakers paid attention to how one can manifest oneself in extracurricular activities, by their example they showed what can be achieved, because each of them started as a student.

According to the students, the meeting was very useful.

“The form of the meeting, oddly enough, was not a monologue. They talked to us on equal terms, we asked questions and immediately received answers. I especially liked that everyone cited an example for themselves, as if showing us, the listeners, that everything in life can be achieved".

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